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BankSA Internship program 2015

  • What is an Internship?
    • An internship is a short-term, placement where a student spends time within your company, business or organisation.
    • Internships are defined by specific goals and objectives and aim to bring benefits to both the students and the host organisations. The internship must be a genuine learning opportunity in the form of a project with a major objective to be achieved.
    • Internships generally run for 20 days.The specific days and hours of the internship are flexible (e.g. 2 days per week for 10 weeks) and should be arranged to suit both the Organisation and the Student.
  • Insurance

    Students undertaking unpaid internships under the Faculty of Professions Internship Program are covered under the University of Adelaide’s public liability insurance cover. Students will also be covered under the University’s personal accident policy and travel insurance (if the internship is overseas or interstate).

    The University requires host organisations to have their own public liability insurance of $20M to cover liability for any negligent act or omission on the part of the host organisation that results in injury to, or loss or damage of personal property of a student.

    These issues will be addressed in an Internship Agreement to be signed by the University, organisation and selected student.

    Host organisations are advised to seek their own legal and insurance advice if they intend to pay students on internship as payment may create an employment relationship. The University’s insurances will not apply to students who receive payments for internships.

  • Non Employment

    Organisations are not obliged to employ the intern after they have completed their internship. The organisation always holds the right to employ interns after their internship is completed; however they do not need to guarantee employment before the internship.

  • Fair Work Act

    Host Organisation should not rely on the student to undertake work in place of a paid worker. If the Host Organisation steps outside the structure of the placement as agreed under the Internship Agreement (e.g. requests the student to continue working beyond the end date; requires the student to ‘cover’ for an absent staff member), the Host Organisation should satisfy itself as to the application of the Fair Work Act in relation to the internship.

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