Reconciliation Week in Professions


The Faculty of Professions takes part in Reconciliation Week 2019.

Diversity and Inclusion Committee is working to promote a culture of aspiration towards improved representation of women and people of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander.

On Tuesday, 28 May the Faculty of the Professions took part in National Reconciliation Week. We commemorated Reconciliation Week with the Sea of Hands installation in the Nexus 10 Foyer. Students and staff were invited to trace the outline of their hand and write a reconciliation message whilst enjoying some delicious cupcakes.

We also heard from Faculty of the Professions Associate Dean (Research), Suzanne Le Mire and Convenor of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee, Duygu Yengin who gave speeches on the importance of reconciliation and the significance of the 1967 referendum and the High Court Mabo decision.

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