Are you passionate about diversity, inclusion and equity?

Diversity rainbow

Are you passionate about diversity, inclusion and equity? Do you want to represent your student body on the Faculty Diversity & Inclusion Committee’s inaugural student based and student run sub-committee?

This is an opportunity to work with Faculty leadership, your peers and gain committee experience to support equity and representation for all. Being a member of the Student Diversity and Inclusion Committee will contribute towards the Adelaide Graduate Award.

The Student Diversity and Inclusion committee meets 3 times a year and:

  1. Discusses Faculty-wide student diversity and inclusion goals and makes recommendations to the Faculty Diversity and Inclusion Committee.
  2. Identifies student diversity and inclusion concerns and issues along with possible solutions.
  3. Advises the Diversity and Inclusion Committee on matters related to the improvement of student equity, diversity and inclusion practices in the Faculty.
  4. Assists with the development and promotion of Faculty goals, events and initiatives in support of student diversity and inclusion.
  5. Builds stronger collaborations amongst student diversity groups, student clubs/affinity groups and Faculty staff.
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