Basim Kamil shares his advice on getting the most out of your University experience

Navigating University in a foreign country can be a daunting task for a new international students, juggling a new city, workload, unfamiliar campus, new friends and new responsibilities.

Basim Kamil

No one knows this better than Basim Kamil, a current International student studying his Master of Accounting and Finance.

Basim was able to transition into University life with ease, thanks to his participation in the Peer Mentor Program. Now a confident student undertaking his Masters, Basim sought to return the favour to future students by becoming a Peer Mentor himself.

Understanding the need to really get to know each mentee, Basim believes “as a future leader or even as a professional, it is important to develop an understanding towards a fellow colleague and cater to them accordingly”, allowing each mentee a personalised experience.

One of the most rewarding aspects of Basim’s role as a Peer Mentor is the networking opportunities “as a Peer Mentor, it's a great way to connect with likeminded individuals and make new friendships”.

Friendships aren’t the only benefit to engaging in the Peer Mentor Program, with Basim commenting “you can work on crucial soft skills like communication, time management, people management, empathy and a few others that are integral for many jobs”. These critical skills translate well into the workplace and position both mentors and mentees favourably in the eyes of employers.   

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