Ellysia Oldsen reflects on her transition from country girl to city student

Transitioning to university can be a daunting experience, especially if you are moving to Adelaide from the country or a rural area.

Ellysia Oldsen

Bachelor of Commerce and Laws student Ellysia Oldsen took relocated to Adelaide from a small country town and immediately immersed herself in university life. 

Volunteering as a Peer Mentor, as well as part of the Law Schools “Lex Salus” wellbeing program, Ellysia’s advise to new students is to “immerse yourself in extracurricular activities that you are passionate about and take up every opportunity that is afforded to you such as volunteering, attending university events or joining a club - all great ways to meet people and make friends”.

Ellysia stresses the importance of being organised, staying up to date with your courses and keeping track of all your due dates, “it can feel overwhelming if you are living on your own so it’s helpful to have some sort of diary or planner to stay on top of everything”. 

Adjusting to a new environment and schedule can be challenging at times, however Ellysia found the process was made easier by simply asking for help “it can be difficult emotionally, being away from family and friends, or you might find yourself struggling with the different learning style of university. There are so many amazing support services on campus that can help you with whatever it may be, to ensure that you succeed with your studies”.

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