Mentor Yee Wee shares her tips on how to get involved on campus

Starting your university journey is one of the most exciting times in your life. To get the most out of your experience, Peer Mentor Yee Wee suggests getting involved, any way you can.

Yee Wee

As an international student arriving in Australia, Yee was equal parts nervous and excited to start her studies “going through your first year of study, it might not be easy as you have to adapt and face many different challenges. I too have been through such times and if I can make it through, you can too!”. After her experiences as a new student, Yee wanted help others who may have been in her position, by becoming a Mentor as part of the Peer Mentoring program. 

Surrounding yourself with a great social and support network is key “My first advice to is to be active and sociable to make new friends as they will be the ones who will be walking the same journey as you” says Yee. There are many ways to do this such as joining one of the many university clubs, or playing a sport.

Yee’s second piece of advice to new students is to “not be afraid to reach out to your lecturers, peers, and even the range of services the University offers” as these people and systems are put in place to support you through your studies.

To get the most of of your experience at university, Yee suggests having “good time management skills as it ensures you have a good balance of social and educational life!

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