Peer Mentor Shivani Satija encourages new students to get involved in the Faculty

Being a Professions student at the University of Adelaide has been a great experience for peer Mentor Shivani Satija.

Currently studying her Master of Accounting, Shivani credits the Professions Hub as being “extremely supportive in helping students throughout their degree with any and every question they may have.”

Shivani Satija

As a Mentor for the Peer Mentoring Program, Shivani advises new students on how to get the most out of their university experience “my advice for commencing students is to try to get involved in as many activities and events as you can as that will help you get used to university life and make many friends.”. There are many ways to do this such as joining one of the many university clubs, or playing a sport.

Shivani recommends staying “on track with all lectures and classes and going through the weekly study material regularly” to ensure you are keeping up with studies. Shivani is also a big supporter of actively participating in events which will help you gain skills critical for when you apply for jobs. The University offers many events through the CareerHub which assist students with vital skills for the workforce.

As her final piece of advice, Shivani  says to “don't hesitate to contact your peers, lecturers and tutors if you are having trouble with studies” as they are to help support you through your university experience.

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