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Pedagogical Possibilities for the Professions

Welcome to Pedagogical Possibilities for the Professions!

This site is designed to assist academics and teaching staff improve the quality of their teaching and their students' learning. Currently, our focus is to address the challenge to deliver the Small-Group Discovery Experience, regardless of discipline or class sizes.

Navigating this site

We trust you find this site simple and straightforward. Everything you need should be effortlessly located, easy to read, and simple to follow. Please let us know if you encounter any navigational difficulties. You can locate what you need by any of these processes:

  • look up Small-Group Discovery Experience (SGDE) directly (explore Small-Group; Groups & Teams; Discovery & Research; and Experience. Then Putting it all together and Selling it to the Students!)
  • to find models of SGDE course or project designs in various disciplines, check out SGDE Models and Templates (also in Small Group Discovery Experience)
  • search by scale of change or approach or idea (see Plan & Implement Change - How to Change your Teaching (and the support available to you as you do): Micro, Macro & Mecro, and Support)
  • learn more about a smorgasbord of established pedagogical approaches and how to implement them (see Course Design) in Tips, Tools and Topical Issues
  • also look up Tips, Tools & Topical Issues to address specific needs, challenges or issues - anything from lively name-games for ice-breakers, rubrics for assessment, to group formation tips, mapping learning outcomes, addressing graduate attributes...
  • to check out Delivery Modes to consider applications specific to flipped class, lectures, seminars, tutorials, eLearning, blended or hybrid learning, workshops and labs, look up experience in the Small Group Discovery Experience Pedagogical Strategy.
  • For those interested in exploring further, Pedagogy is briefly introduced in Plan & Implement Change but is explored most thoroughly in Scholarship.
  • In the Scholarship section we will explore (or link you to other sites that explore) the epistemological reasoning and origins behind many of these pedagogical approaches and tools discussed on this site, and examine some fundamental pedagogical theories and the theorists who created them.
  • Scholarship will look at the influences behind our pedagogical strategy. We particularly look at Humboldt, but also examine Boyer's Scholarship Reconsidered as well as other pedagogical theorists and their theories, discuss underlying philosophical concepts such as Epistemology, and provide references and bibliographies that take you to the research that underlies and supports the approaches and materials on the site. In this section, the Vice-Chancellor describes the origin of his vision for the Small Group Discovery Experience, and how he sees this playing out.

And of course, as this is a very young site, we will start slowly and build regularly with constant additions. (Some of the content discussed above may not be here yet. If it's not there when you look for it, let us know, then revisit - hopefully we'll get it there for you by your next visit. And for the most recently added techniques and tools, visit our blog where we will be highlighting these in short.)


Last updated 14 April 2015.

Pedagogical Possibilities for the Professions

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