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Dependant Travel Fund 2017

The Faculty of the Professions and the University Gender Equity and Diversity Committee have established a Dependant Travel Fund ($5,000 in total) to support those staff who have caring responsibilities to participate in a conference held overseas or within Australia. The purpose of the fund is to allow staff to have young children or other dependants accompany them when travelling and to employ or support travel of a carer.

At least one award of up to $5,000 is available in 2017; all funding received must be spent by the end of 2017.


Support from the Dependant Travel Fund is available to applicants who have primary caring responsibility for young children or a child, partner or parents with special needs. Members of the academic and research-only staff appointed on the academic salary scale are eligible for the award, provided they are not full-time postgraduate students. Funding support is available to eligible staff as a contribution to the travel costs of the dependant relative or carer, or to employ a carer at the conference location. First time applicants will be given priority.

Application Form

Closing date for applications is 9am on 15 May 2017.

Please email applications to