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Women's Fellowship Application

The Faculty of the Professions Women’s Fellowship Scheme is designed to support female academics within this Faculty to enhance and promote their career.

The Scheme is open to female academic staff who are presently at Levels A, B, C and D. It offers opportunities to enhance, maintain or re-invigorate research momentum, and assist the Fellowship recipients in applying for, and assuming, enhanced roles in the near future. Preference will be given to those staff whose research momentum has been affected either by caring responsibilities or by taking extended administrative duties at the School, Faculty or University level due to unavoidable circumstances, which has resulted in a break in their career, reduced working hours and/or minimal research performance and/or outcome. Priority will be given to those staff who are currently at Levels A, B and C.

The Fellowships may provide academic staff with relief from routine teaching and/or administrative duties, research support or professional development.

2018 Applications are now closed.

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