Nexus 10 Facilities & Amenities

The Faculty of Professions is excited to have a modern, vibrant and exciting new look study space for your needs! 

  • Study spaces

    Places to study will be available at the following locations:

    • Ground floor in the main lobby area.
    • Ground floor – Student zone.
    • Upper basement (downstairs).
  • Toilets

    Please note each floor has disabled toilet facilities with exceptions listed below:

    • Upper basement (downstairs).
    • Ground floor – Student zone (*no disabled toilet access).
    • Level 1 (either side of the lifts and near the Professions Support Hub).
    • Level 2 (east side of the lifts).
  • Water refills

    Water is available for drink refilling on the following locations:

    • Ground floor – Student zone.
    • Level 1 – Postgraduate study space.
  • Computers

    Computers are located in:

    • Upper basement (downstairs).
    • Ground floor in the main lobby area.
    • Ground floor – Student zone.
    • Level 2 – Computer rooms (note that they may be booked for classes at times).
  • Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) & charging stations

    Monitors with visual connections are located in between computers so that you can Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD). There are also power points for laptop and device charging throughout the following spaces:

    • Upper basement.
    • Ground floor – near computers.
    • Ground floor – Student zone.
    • Ground floor – Student zone seminar room.
  • Microwave

    A microwave is available in the postgraduate study space on level 1.

    Kitchen space and utilities are available in Hub Central.

  • Prayer rooms

    The prayer room is located on the upper basement level (downstairs).

  • Parenting rooms

    A parenting room is available on level 2. Please see the Professions Support Hub for access to this room.