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Phased Array Tilt Radar

On Thursday 24th January 2013, The Adelaide Radar Research Centre took delivery of a Phased Array Tilt Radar, on loan from Raytheon in the USA.

Rob Palumbo, who is in his 2nd year of his PhD studies at  Integrated Defense Systems
Raytheon USA, will remain in Adelaide to participate in the tests that will be done using the radar.

Tentative experimental projects could include:

  • Bushfire monitoring
  • Precipitation Measurements
  • Runway bird detection
  • Wind farm measurements
  • Aircraft detection
  • Sea surface measurements.

The Adelaide Radar Research Centre is working closely with Raytheon, Australian Bureau of Metrology, DSTO and the University of Melbourne.  Whilst this radar is in Australia it is envisaged that it will be transported to several locations for data collection such as:

  • Mt Lofty
  • Buckland Park

WREN meeting

Doug Gray (UoA), Bill Moran (UoM), Ruiting Yang (UoA), Bevan Bates (DSTO), Brad Ferguson (Raytheon Aust), Chris McCarroll (Raytheon), Tran Nguyen (UoA), Peter May (BOM), Krishna Vanta (DSTO), Waddah Al-Ashwal (UoA) Rob Palumbo (Raytheon USA)