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Series 401 - Professor Andrew John Watson [Papers]

Date Range1982 - 1995
Quantity60 cm, 3 boxes
ProvenanceProfessor Andrew John Watson BA (Lon)

These papers primarily document Professor Watson's involvement in Asian exchange initiatives during the 1980s and 1990s in his role as an academic staff member of the Centre for Asian Studies. Much documentation relates to the setting up of exchanges, ministerial visits, research trips, etc. Copies of speeches, research papers and seminar presentations by Professor Watson and others also appear, as well as LOTE teaching body papers, especially of the Centre for Language Teaching and Research. Papers related to a proposed Centre for Asian Studies in the Multi-Function Polis (MFP) are included.


Inventory Listing

Academic papers written by Professor Watson and/or Greg O'Leary

This folder contains articles of an academic nature written by Professor Watson and/or Greg O'Leary, primarily on the topics of Chinese agriculture and economic reform. Also included is correspondence relating to the publication of some papers. Many of the papers are present in draft form as well as, or instead of, their published format.
This item contains references to: Research; Publications

Date Range 1982 - 1988    Quantity 12 cm, 2 folders
Inventory Identifier 040100001 Box Number 1 Series 401
Shandong Province Exchange

This file contains papers related to the exploration of an exchange relationship between South Australia and Shandong Province, China.
In 1985 a visit was arranged to China for the South Australian Agriculture Minister, Frank Blevins, following a visit to South Australia by Shandong officials. Under discussion seem to have been a possible sister state relationship and various joint agricultural ventures. Professor Watson visited Shandong and Beijing in the week before the Minister to 'smoothe the way'.
The file consists of correspondence and memos in the lead-up to Professor Watson's trip; drafts and final copies of reports on various aspects of the trip; letters of thanks sent by him to various officials in Shandong; a draft report entitled "Exploring Links with Shandong"; published material from the Shandong Provincial Statistics Bureau on Shandong's economic and social development; notes on discussions with Shandong educational authorities and tertiary institutions; a list of Shandong contacts; a map of Shandong provice along with flowcharts of the province's agricultural, research and education systems; correspondence with the Shandong Foreign Affairs Office; a copy of the South Australia - Shandong Newsletter; and an agenda for an Interdepartmental Meeting on China held by the SA Department of the Premier and Cabinet. Two spiral notebooks, kept in a mixture of Chinese and English, hold a journal of Professor Watson's trip and appear to form the basis of the reports later generated. The official program for the Minister's trip is included, along with notes and other documents interleaved in it, plus a map and brochures from the Shandong Science and Technology Exchange Centre With Foreign Countries and the Shandong University calendar of 1982

From 1988 is a job advertisement for a North Asia Project Officer for the Department of the Premier and Cabinet.

Some published documents in Chinese are included.

Date Range 1982 - 1988, most materials are from 1985    Quantity 5 cm, 1 folder
Inventory Identifier 040100002 Box Number 1 Series 401
The Centre for Asian Studies and the Multi Function Polis (MFP)

This file contains a range of papers related to the proposed establishment of a Multi-Function Polis (MFP) in the Adelaide region, and the inclusion of a Centre for Asian Pacific Languages and Cultures in the planned World University which would form part of the MFP.

They are: an agenda for a meeting of the MFP - Asian Institute Discussion Group; memos within the University of Adelaide regarding the Centre for Asian Studies, World University Project, MFP; correspondence with academics at other universities; papers of an MFP Working Party established at the University of Adelaide, in conjunction with other tertiary institutions and government representatives; publications of the MFP-Adelaide Task Force and MFP-Adelaide Project; a Statement of Concerns by Academics Against the Multifuction Polis; papers outlining these concerns in greater detail; a newspaper article by David Jenkins entitled "Get ready for Japan's City of the Future".

Finally, the file includes a range of more tangentially related items: a letter to the editor of the Age in 1991 entitled "Teach Australians science, not languages", an article on Japanese imperialism and a review of a book entitled "Democratising Japan: The Allied Occupation".
This item contains references to: Languages & Linguistics

Date Range 1987 - 1991    Quantity 3 cm, 1 folder
Inventory Identifier 040100003 Box Number 1 Series 401
Japanese Exchange Documents

The folder contains a range of documents relating to a study visit to Japan by a group of Australian academics in October 1992, initiated by the Australian Vice Chancellors' Committee. The focus was on possibilities for exchange relationships with Japanese universities. Specific items include official itineraries, programs, a list of participants, a guest list for a buffet dinner; various items of correspondence relating to Professor Watson's particular aims for the visit, and a copy of his travel itinerary. Finally, copies of Professor Watson's Summary Report, and a further "Report on the Japan Visit" produced in May - June 1993, are included.

The bundle of papers contains: information on and correspondence with: Kansai Gadai University; Kyoto University; The Japan Foundation; Hitotsubashi University; papers of the Japan Reference Group, of which Professor Watson was the convenor; a list of participants in a Third Janu Study Mission to Australia, 1993, and their CVs; further papers relating to the Janu study mission; a draft of the Australia-Japan Academic Links Agreement; photocopies of the business cards of various Japanese academics and academic administrators; copies of academic exchange agreements between various Japanese universities and other Australian universities; VC Kevin Marjoribanks' report on a visit to China and Japan in 1993 and ensuing updated agreement between the Universities of Adelaide and Shandong; report on a Japan visit by Harry Green, Dean of Engineering; correspondence regarding a proposed exchange relationship with the International University of Japan; DEET Guidelines for Proposals for Funding in 1993 under the Australian University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific (UMAP) program; a summary report of the AVCC visit to Japan in October 1992; an exchange agreement between Adelaide and Kansai Universities; a proposal for a visit to Adelaide by a Japanese Language Lecturer from Meiji University in 1993; and other related documents.

Date Range 1992 - 1994    Quantity 13 cm, 2 items (1 folder + 1 bundle)
Inventory Identifier 040100004 Box Number 2 Series 401
Chinese Study Tour on Desert Control

In October 1994 a delegation of 6 Chinese researchers from the "Gansu Integrated Desert Control and Sustainable Agriculture Project" visited Australia. The tour, which also took in New Zealand and the Philippines, was organised under the auspices of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) for the purposes of studying sustainable agriculture and desert control. The delegates spent one week in South Australia, including time at the Waite Institute and Roseworthy. The precise nature of Professor Watson's involvement with the group is not outlined. Papers include correspondence with Russel Gardiner from the Department of Primary Industry; information on the professional backgrounds of the visiting delegates; their itinerary and program of activities while in Australia, and "A Brief Account of Gansu Desert Control Research Institute".

This item contains references to: Waite Campus; Roseworthy Campus

Date Range 1994    Quantity 0.5 cm, 1 folder
Inventory Identifier 040100005 Box Number 2 Series 401
Vietnam Exchange Documents

This file contains two drafts of a "Report of a South Australian Universities' Mission to Vietnam: July 1995"
The bulk of the file consists of materials relating to a workshop held in Hanoi in September 1995, with a focus on educational exchange and Vietnamese higher education reform, including papers and reports which appear to have been presented at the workshop. Also present are photocopies of a tourist guide to Hanoi (which looks like the Lonely Planet) and documents of a tourist nature; curriculum guides for various Vietnamese postgraduate degrees; a proforma for a Memorandum of Understanding between National Hanoi Agricultural University and other institutions; correspondence relating to Professor Watson's itinerary of meetings in Vietnam; 1994 information from the Distance Education Centre in Hanoi; a brochure from the Hanoi Foreign Language College; and a brochure from the Hanoi Architectural Institute;

Some documents are written in Vietnamese.

Date Range 1995    Quantity 5 cm, 1 folder
Inventory Identifier 040100006 Box Number 2 Series 401
Centre for Language Teaching and Research - Papers

This file contains notes, newsletters, minutes, correspondence and publications of the Centre for Language Teaching and Research, of which Professor Watson was a Management Committee member. The Centre generated several reports and discussion papers on the issues of language teaching in South Australia, which are included here.

Also included are newsletters and information from other LOTE teaching bodies, specifically the Newton Curriculum Centre (Education Department) and the South Australian Institute of Languages; and an advertisement for the position of Foundation Professor of Linguistics at the University of Adelaide in 1991.

Folder 2 contains papers from the years 1990-1991; Folder 2 contains papers from the years 1992-1995.

Date Range 1990 - 1995    Quantity 10 cm, 2 folders
Inventory Identifier 040100007 Box Number 3 Series 401
Adelaide University Luncheon Speech by Noburu Hatakeyama

This folder contains the text of a Luncheon Speech given on 13 September 1995 by Mr Noboru Hatakeyama, President of JETRO, on the topic: "Australia-Japan Relations and the Role of JETRO", with special attention to trade relations.

Date Range 1995    Quantity 0.5 cm, 1 folder
Inventory Identifier 040100008 Box Number 3 Series 401
World Bank Research Paper Series: Industrial Reform and Productivity in Chinese Enterprises & Enterprise Behavior and Economic Reforms: A Comparative Study in Central and Eastern Europe

This item is a list of research papers published by the World Bank under the auspices of two research projects: "Industrial Reform and Productivity in Chinese Enterprises" and "Enterprise Behavior and Economic Reforms: A Comparative Study in Central and Eastern Europe". The list was updated in January 1995. It also includes papers presented at a 1994 workshop on "Enterprise Adjustment in Eastern Europe"

Date Range 1995    Quantity 0.5 cm, 1 folder
Inventory Identifier 040100009 Box Number 3 Series 401
Chinese International Trade - Miscellaneous Documents

This folder contains a list of participants in a seminar on "China's Entry in World Markets", held in Adelaide in an unspecified year (probably during the 1990s). It also contains a brochure entitled "China Business Law Guide", special supplement, released June 7 1995 by CCH International.

Date Range 1995    Quantity 0.5 cm, 1 folder
Inventory Identifier 040100010 Box Number 3 Series 401
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