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Series 402 - Committee on the Waite Agricultural Research Institute Secretary's Working File

Date Range1978 - 1981
Quantity4 cm, 2 folders
ProvenanceCouncil Committee on the Waite Agricultural Research Institute

The records include extracts from the Education Committee minutes with reference to Waite Advisory Committee reports (1972-1973) and background information on the establishment of the Waite Institute.


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Committee on the Waite Agricultural Research Institute Secretary's Working File

This item contains memoranda, meeting agendas, minutes, reports, draft funding models and other documents related to the operations of the Council Committee on the Waite Institute. The committee was formed in 1978. The terms of reference of the committee were broad, but its intended function was to investigate and advise upon the relationship between the Waite Institute and the University. The financial and administrative aspects of this relationship are the aspects most under discussion. Much correspondence between Prof JP Quirk, Director of the Waite Agricultural Research Institute, Justice Roma Mitchell and other committee members, relates to the issue of funding for the Waite Institute. Strained relations between the Waite Institute and the University administration also form a focus of some papers. Mr PC Abbott-Young was secretary to the committee.

Job advertisements for the Waite Institute are also included in Folder 1, eg for a Junior Shorthand Typist, the position of Director accepted by JP Quirk in 1974, the terms of appointment and statement of duties for the Secretary,

Extracts from minutes of Education Committee meetings in 1972-3 are included, as are 1971 papers relating to the establishment of "a special committee to consider the future of the Waite Institute". A 1973 submission to the Universities Council for the triennium 1976-8 argues that the Waite Institute should be classified as a National School in Agricultural Science. This then fed into discussions about special funding.

Folder 1 covers the period 1977-1979, and includes documents from the early 1970s. Folder 2 covers the period from 1979 to Jun 1981, and includes a copy of the final report submitted by the Committee to the University Council on 13 June 1980. The final document in this folder consists of the minutes of the Council Meeting of 12 June 1981, at which recommendations were approved in regard to the establishment of a Waite Institute Advisory Board.

This item contains references to: Waite Campus

Date Range 1977 - 1981, papers are also included from the period 1971-3    Quantity 4 cm, 2 folders
Inventory Identifier 040200001 Box Number 1 Series 402
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