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Series 403 - Services Staffing Committee Minutes

Date Range1976 - 1980
Quantity7.5 cm, 9 folders
ProvenanceServices Staffing Committee

The Services Staffing Committee was established in 1976 by the Education Committee. It was responsible for determining the staffing of the various areas of the University.


Inventory Listing

Services Staffing Committee Minutes

This item contains references to: Staff
The records consist of the signed Services Staffing Committee Minutes and Index from January 1976 to March 1980.

Date Range 1976 - 1980    Quantity 3.5 cm, 6 folders
Inventory Identifier 040300001 Box Number 1 Series 403
Agendas, Reports and Papers

This item contains references to: Staff

Date Range 1979 - 1980    Quantity 3 cm, 2 folders
Inventory Identifier 040300002 Box Number 1 Series 403
Statements of Staffing and Responsibility for University Areas

This item contains references to: Staff
Statements included for Vice-Chancellor's Office, Registrar, Academic Registrar, Bursar's Office, Computing Centre, Health Service, Counselling Service, Services Section, Waite Administration, Waite Farm Manager, Mortlock Experimental Station, Central Animal House, Clinical Services Office (RAH).

Date Range 1978    Quantity 1 cm, 1 folder
Inventory Identifier 040300003 Box Number 1 Series 403
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