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Series 744 - Victor Edgeloe [Publications]

Date Range1974 - 1996
Quantity17 cm, 1 box
ProvenanceVictor Allen Edgeloe

The records consist of items written by Vic Edgeloe. They include the topics of women in the University, a self-guided tour of the campus, an obituary for former University administrator, H.R. Othams and an article for the Adelaide Law Review. Items later added to this series include books, articles and papers written about the University and its characters by Dr Edgeloe in the years of his retirement, between 1974 and 1996. His publications include histories of particular departments, faculties, buildings, people, clubs, colleges and administrative eras. A script of six radio talks about the Medical School is also included. A photocopied list of Dr Edgeloe's publications and papers is current to 1991.

Inventory Listing

Papers by Dr V.A. Edgeloe

1. Women in the University
2. Self-guided tour of campus
3. Obiturary, H.R. Othams
4. The Adelaide Law School

Date Range 1983    Quantity 0.5 cm, 1 folder
Inventory Identifier 074400001 Box Number 1 Series 744
Victor Edgeloe (Publications)

Items include:
- A Century of English Studies at Adelaide (1974)
- Lincoln College: The First Twenty-Five Years (1976)
- The Mitchell Building of the University of Adelaide (1979)
- Adelaide University Football Club 75th Anniversary 1906-1981 (1981)
- The Establishment and the Elite or the Adelaide Club and the University of Adelaide (1981)
- The Adelaide Law School: Centenary Essays (1983)
- The Language of Human Feeling: A Brief History of Music in the University of Adelaide (1984)
- Adelaide's Nineteenth Century Medical School (radio talks - 1985)
- Chemistry in the University of Adelaide (1987)
- Biochemistry: the Chemistry of Living Matter in the University of Adelaide 1885-1984: A Brief History (1988)
- Classics in the University of Adelaide (1989)
- Engineering Education in the University of Adelaide, 1889-1980 (1989)
- Commercial Education provided by the University of Adelaide (1989)
- The First Twelve South Australian Rhodes Scholars (1989)
- French and German in the University of Adelaide during the University's first hundred years of teaching, 1876-1975: A Brief Account (1990)
- The Teaching of History in the University of Adelaide 1876-1975: A Brief History (1990)
- The Medical School of the University of Adelaide: A Brief History from an Administrative Viewpoint (1991)
- Sir George Murray (1863-1942): His Public Community Career (1991)
- The Teaching and Study of Geology in the University of Adelaide, 1876-1975: An Administrator's Brief Account (1991)
- The Teaching of Economics in the University of Adelaide, 1900-1975: A Brief History (1992)
- Servants of Distinction: Leadership in a young University 1875-1925 (1993)
- A Few Reminiscences by a Long-Retired Registrar (1993)
- Archibald Thomas Strong (1995)
- Henry Darnley Naylor: Teacher, Scholar, Community Benefactor

and undated:
- The Murray/Mitchell Era, 1916-1941
- Geography in the University of Adelaide: A Skeletal History
- Darnley Naylor and the League of Nations
- Archibald Thomas Strong: Scholar, Educator, Poet, Literary Critic, Public Figure
- miscellaneous articles, apparently published in the Journal of the South Australian Historical Association, on Murray, Beare, Farr, Robinson, Kleeman, Jauncey, Williams, Cooke, Duffield, Kingsmill, Young and others.
- a list of Edgeloe's publications and papers, current to 1991.

See also 2009/10634 - 'WARI - Launch of Edgeloe's History'

Date Range 1974 - 1996    Quantity 17 cm, 31 items
Inventory Identifier 074400002 Box Number 1 Series 744
Six Talks for 5UV

The talks were about great men of the University, as follows:

1. Samuel James WAY
2. William BARLOW and George John Robert MURRAY
3. Edward Charles STIRLING and Archibald WATSON
4. Robert William CHAPMAN and Edward Henry RENNIE
5. John Matthew ENNIS and Kerr GRANT
6. Walter HOWCHIN and Douglas MAWSON

This item contains references to: Radio 5UV

Date Range 1982    Quantity 1 cm, 1 folder
Inventory Identifier 074400003 Box Number 1 Series 744
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