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Series 792 - Max Frederick Joyner [Certificates and Papers]

Date Range1913 - 1922
Quantity8 cm, 10 items
ProvenanceMax Frederick Joyner

The records consist of Mr. Joyner's certificates for LLB degree, Public Notary and Commissioner of the Supreme Court (SA & NSW). There also commemoration programmes and correspondence relating to the conferring of degrees on HRH Prince of Wales.


Inventory Listing

Certificates of Max Frederick Joyner

Max Frederick Joyner certificates.
1. LLB. degree, 17 December 1913.
2. Pubic notary, February 1921.
3. Commissioner of the Supreme Court, S.A. March 1921.
4. Commissioner of the Supreme Court, N.S.W. March 1922.

Date Range 1913 - 1922    Quantity 4 items
Inventory Identifier 079200001 Box Number 1 Series 792
Commemoration Programme

Contains list of graduates.

Date Range 1913    Quantity 2 copies
Inventory Identifier 079200002 Box Number 1 Series 792
Special Congregation for conferring degrees upon visting members of the British Association for the Advancement of Science.

The Order of Proceedings contains biographical details of the ad eundem gradum graduates.

Date Range 1914    Quantity 1 copy
Inventory Identifier 079200003 Box Number 1 Series 792
Special Congregation for conferring degrees on HRH Prince of Wales

The records include a letter of invitation and the Order of Proceedings (2 copies).

Date Range 1920    Quantity 3 items
Inventory Identifier 079200004 Box Number 1 Series 792
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