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Series 824 - Dr. John Jenkin [Physics Lecture Notes]

Date Range1957 - 1960
Quantity34 cm, 2 boxes
ProvenanceDr. J.G. Jenkin

The records consist of detailed lecture notes for Physics I-III and Honours kept by Dr Jenkin while a student at the University of Adelaide 1957-1960.

ArrangedChronological and classified

Inventory Listing

Physics lecture notes of Dr. John Jenkin

Binder 1, Part 1: Physics I (1957)
Mechanics, Hydrostatics & Hydrodynamics (Medlin)
Wave Motion, Light, Heat (Elford)
Electricity & Magnetism (Sutton)
Binder 1, Part 2: Physics II (1958)
Heat (Burdon)
Mechanics (Fuller)
Electricity & Magnetism (Aitcheson)
Waves, Light, Optics, Modern Physics (Burdon)
Binder 2, Parts 1-2, Physics III (1959)
Electromagnetism (Huxley)
Electronics (Iliffe)
Elementary Vector Analysis (Sutton)
Optics (Medlin)
Spectra & Atomic Physics (Sutton)
Magnetism (Sutton)
Reactor Physics (Burdon)
Heat & Thermodynamics (Iliffe)
Wave Mechanics (Tomlin)
Binders 3-4: Honours Physics (1960)
Electicity & Magnetism (Tomlin)
Wave Mechanics (Tomlin)
Statistical Mechanics (Tomlin)
Special Relativity & Fundamental Particles (McCarthy & Green)
Nuclear Physics (McCarthy)
Solid State Physics (Medlin & Kempster)
Optics (Medlin)

Date Range 1957 - 1960    Quantity 2 boxes
Inventory Identifier 082400001 Box Number 1 Series 824
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