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Series 943 - Legal Advice Files

Date Range1981 - 1986
Quantity13 cm, 6 files

The records consist of law firm Finlaysons' working files on various matters pertaining to the University. They include:
Sale of Land, 122-126 Grenfell Street.
Sale of Birrallee Road, Regency Park.
Matter re. Cheesman Doley.
Martindale Hall.
Sale of Land, 130 King William Street.
Kindergarten at Waite Institute.

AccessPartially closed

Inventory Listing

Sale of Land - W Kyros and/or Nominee - 122-126 Grenfell Street - Hredige Pty Ltd

Includes copies of the Deed of Assigment, lease agreements and other legal documents pertaining to the Grenfell Street property. Also included is correspondence with the Corporation of the City Adelaide relating to its heritage status.

Date Range 1981 - 1986    Quantity 3 cm, 2 folders
Inventory Identifier 094300001 Box Number 1 Series 943
Sale of Property - Birrallee Road, Regency Park

Includes copies of agreements and contracts and microfiche information.

Date Range 1985    Quantity 1 cm, 1 folder
Inventory Identifier 094300002 Box Number 1 Series 943
Cheesman Doley Architects

Legal advice regarding action brought by the University against architects Cheesman Doley for faulty brickwork in the Johnson Laboratories.

Date Range 1982    Quantity 1 cm, 1 folder
Inventory Identifier 094300003 Box Number 1 Series 943
Martindale Hall Management Agreement with P.J. and B.J. Adams

Agreement between P & B Adams and the University for the operation of a tourist facility at Martindale Hall. Also included is information regarding the value of the hall and the Mortlock bequest.

Date Range 1985 - 1986    Quantity 1 cm, 1 folder
Inventory Identifier 094300004 Box Number 1 Series 943
Sale of Land - 113 King William Street - Lagonik Nominees

Includes sale and purchase documents as well as legal advice concerning disagreements with the purchaser, Lagonik Nominees.

Date Range 1984 - 1985    Quantity 6 cm, 2 folders
Inventory Identifier 094300005 Box Number 1 Series 943
Netherby Kindergarten at Waite Intsitute

Legal advice regarding the status of the kindergarten which was seen as a breach of the Waite trust. The kindergarten was ordered to vacate the property, but public pressure led to the land being leased to the state government so its occupancy could continue.

Date Range 1982 - 1984    Quantity 1 cm, 1 folder
Inventory Identifier 094300006 Box Number 1 Series 943
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