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Series 984 - Department of Physics Correspondence

Date Range1972 - 1982
Quantity40 cm, 3 boxes
ProvenanceDepartment of Physics

The records consist of copies of the departmental letters sent, general letters received and the Executive Officer's and Chairman's correspondence. To 1978, they are signed by Professor J.H. Carver as Head of Department and from 1979 by Dr. W.G. Elford as Chairman of the Department.

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Inventory Listing

Department Correspondence Sent

This item contains references to: Physics

Date Range 1972 - 1981    Quantity 20 cm, 10 folders
Inventory Identifier 098400001 Box Number 1 Series 984
Miscellaneous Correspondence Received

This item contains references to: Physics
'Radio Source Positions from Southern and Trans-Equatorial Very-Long-Baseline Interferometers' by J.S. Gubbay, The Astronomical Journal, Vol 83, No 7, July 1978.
Computing Centre Newsletter No. B52, May 1978.
FAUSA Report on Research in Universities.
Correspondence regarding Imperial Measuring Equipment.
Department staffing details for 1978.
Pre-Clinical Course Management Committee.
Use of the Physics Workshop by Physics and Mawson staff.
Professor Carver ARG applications 1977 & 1978.
Preliminary report on an observatory site at Broken Hill.
Completed Assessment Monitoring Committee questionnaire.
SAIT Faculty of Technology & Applied Science.
Relationship with DSTO.
Report on Radium Contamination in Room 112 of the Physics Department.
Standards of Performance in Matriculation Chemistry.
1982 staff members.
Adelaide University submission on Postgraduate Awards.
Gold-Leaf Electroscope - constructed by A.L. Rogers
Journal of Atmospheric & Terrestrial Physics articles by R.A. Vincent, H. Chandra and S. Ball from Departmen of Physics.

Date Range 1977 - 1982    Quantity 2 cm, 1 folder
Inventory Identifier 098400002 Box Number 1 Series 984
Executive Officer's Correspondence [A. van Rood]

This item contains references to: Physics

Date Range 1977 - 1981    Quantity 8 cm, 3 folders
Inventory Identifier 098400003 Box Number 2 Series 984
Chairman's Correspondence [W.G. Elford]

This item contains references to: Physics

Date Range 1979 - 1982    Quantity 10 cm, 4 folders
Inventory Identifier 098400004 Box Number 3 Series 984
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