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Series 1041 - Waite Institute Research Committee Minutes and Papers

Date Range1981 - 1990
Quantity6 cm, 39 folders
ProvenanceWaite Agricultural Research Institute

The Waite Institute Research Committee performed those functions which until 1981 were carried out by the Research and Publications Committee of the University of Adelaide. Upon adoption by Council of the recommendations of the Committee on the Waite Agricultural Research Institute (Mitchell Committee), these functions became the responsibility of the Institute. The Committee considered all requests and proposals pertaining to the allocation of research funds. It made recommendations to the Director concerning any new or amended policies relating to research funding and considered any other general or policy matter referred to it by the Director. Membership of the committee comprised four members of the academic staff nominated by the Director. The records consist of a summary of procedures and minutes of meetings over a nine year period.

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AccessPartially closed
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Inventory Listing

Waite Institute Research Committee Minutes and Papers

This item contains references to: Waite Campus; Research

Date Range 1981 - 1990    Quantity 5 cm, 38 folders
Inventory Identifier 104100001 Box Number 1 Series 1041
Waite Institute Research Committee Secretary's Papers

This item contains references to: Committees; Research; Postgraduate Studies; Waite Campus

Date Range 1973 - 1982    Quantity 1 cm, 1 folder
Inventory Identifier 104100002 Box Number 1 Series 1041
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