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Series 1136 - Luminis Records

Date Range1983 - 2001
Quantity35 cm, 6 items

Luminis Pty Ltd was established in 1983 following the recommendation of the Finance Committee's Subcommittee on Inventions and Innovations. Luminis began as a trustee company for the Luminis Trust, whose beneficiary was the University of Adelaide. Its function was to realise commercial opportunities from University activities and intellectual property. It was governed by a Board of Directors which included four University staff members and four outside members. In 2002 its name changed to Adelaide Research and Innovation. This series includes records compiled by Board members Tony Siebert, Executive Director of Finance, and Dr Robert Culver.


Inventory Listing

Luminis Information Folder

This item is a information folder with a pamphlet about Luminis, information about Technology Transfer; Research Opportunities; Consultancies; Project Management. Commercial Development of the University's Intellectual Property. Outside Research Grants, Contracts and Consultancies. How to Protect a New Idea; Rk Maddern and Associates. Consultancies Professional Indentnity. Consultants Register. Guide to Consultancies and Agreements for Contract Research. Proposal to undertake a Consultancy

Date Range 1992 - 1996    Quantity 2 cm, 1 folder
Inventory Identifier 113600003 Box Number 2 Series 1136
Guide to Consultants at the University of Adelaide Booklets

These booklets lists topics covered by consultants and a list of staff names and titles. There are details related to Luminis and its role in consultanty. The 1990-1991 was prepared by the Office of Planning and Communication.

Date Range 1990 - 1992    Quantity 1 cm, 2 booklets
Inventory Identifier 113600004 Box Number 2 Series 1136
Luminis: Where Ideas Prosper

This item contains references to: Luminis; Commercialisation

Date Range 1994    Quantity 0.2 cm, 1 brochure
Inventory Identifier 113600005 Box Number 2 Series 1136
Luminis Board Papers
Date Range 1983 - 1990    Quantity 15 cm, 3 bundles
Inventory Identifier 113600006 Box Number 3 Series 1136
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