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Series 1239 - Urrbrae House Refectory Committee Papers

Date Range1969 - 1971
Quantity2 cm, 11 folders
ProvenanceUrrbrae House

This series contains minutes and papers of the Urrbrae House Refectory Committee and includes correspondence with the Staff Club and Urrbrae House Management Committee. There is also a Staff Club Refectory Management Review, Refectory Accounting Report and Waite Institute Cafeteria Committee minutes.

AccessPartially closed

Inventory Listing

Urrbrae House Refectory Committee Minutes and Correspondence.

This series relates to the Refectory at Urrbrae House. There are the minutes and correspondence for the Urrbrae House Refectory Committee, 1970-1971. There are two folders of correspondence.

Date Range 1970    Quantity 2 cm, 7 folder
Inventory Identifier 123900001 Box Number 1 Series 1239
Refectory and Staff Club Coorrespondence

This Item is Refectory and Staff Club correspondence, dealing with the losses over a six months period by the refectory.

Date Range 1971    Quantity 0.1 cm, 1 folder
Inventory Identifier 123900002 Box Number 1 Series 1239

This item is Urrbrae House Management Committee sub-committee Staff Club Refectory Management Review. There is a price list and the results of a survey of the users of the refectory.

Date Range 1971    Quantity 0.1 cm, 1 folder
Inventory Identifier 123900003 Box Number 1 Series 1239
Urrbrae House Management Committee Sub Committee on Staff Club/Refectory Accounting Report

This item Urrbrae House Management Committee on Staff Club /Refectory Accounting Report. There is a referece number of 71/37 which could be a Adelaide University Council Minutes.

Date Range 1971    Quantity 0.1 cm, 1 folder
Inventory Identifier 123900004 Box Number 1 Series 1239
Waite Institute Cafeteria Committee Rules

This item is a copy of Waite Institute Cafeteria Committee Rules, Minutes. Thses minutes are for October 1969. The Urrbrae House Development Committee has just been establish and the relationship to the Cafeteria Committee.

Date Range 1969    Quantity 0.1 cm, 1 folder
Inventory Identifier 123900005 Box Number 1 Series 1239
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