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Series 1268 - Professor Hugh Christian Trumble Papers

Date Range1925 - 1953
Quantity34 cm, 12 folders
ProvenanceProfessor Hugh C Trumble

This series is a collection of papers created and collated by Hugh Trumble who was appointed to the Waite Institute in 1925 and became professorial head of the Department of Agronomy from 1941-1953. The papers include memoranda and reports which are numbered and some with index cards for ready reference. There is also a notebook of experiments for season 1933, two annual diaries and a notebook of pasture and cereal experiments. There are also some hand written lecture notes on Agrostology.

Inventory Listing

Memoranda and Report Papers

This item is a collection of memoranda and reports held by Professor Trumble. There are articles written by Trumble or where he made a contribution. There is a series of papers related to lectures given at the WEA (Workers Education Association). There are papers from conferences he attended. All papers have been numbered and in the earlier folders there are index cards for quick reference.

Date Range 1924 - 1951    Quantity 37 cm, 10 folders
Inventory Identifier 126800001 Box Number 1 Series 1268

This item is a bound volume of letters written to Professor Trumble.

Date Range 1929 - 1932    Quantity 2 cm, 1 volume
Inventory Identifier 126800002 Box Number 3 Series 1268

This item is the diaries of H C Trumble for 1927 and 1932. They cover his daily activities at work

Date Range 1927 - 1932, missing 1928 - 1931    Quantity 4.5 cm, 2 volumes
Inventory Identifier 126800003 Box Number 3 Series 1268
Lecture Notes - Agrostology

This item is a series of hand written lecture notes for Agrostology.

Date Range no date    Quantity 2 cm, 1 folder
Inventory Identifier 126800004 Box Number 3 Series 1268
Experiments in Agronomy and Agrostology Notebook

This item is a notebook of experiements for 1933. The front pages are an index of what the book holds. There are some loose notes in the back of the book.

Date Range 1933 - 1935    Quantity 1 cm, 1 book
Inventory Identifier 126800005 Box Number 3 Series 1268
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