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Series 1483 - Roseworthy Publications and Memorabilia

Date Range1904 - 1998
ProvenanceRoss Dawkins

The items contained in this series were collected by three generations of the Dawkins family during their involvement with Roseworthy Agricultural College. They include a 1904 Report of Commission on Management of Roseworthy College by James Gordon SM, Andrew Scott & A M Dawkins.

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Inventory Listing

Report of Commission on Management of Roseworthy College by James Gordon SM, Andrew Scott and A M Dawkins.

The report to the Minister of Agriculture is critical of the management of Principal, Professor Towar, and concludes that the curriculum needed to be reviewed, student accommodation was below standard and discipline had been unsatisfactory.

Date Range 1904    Quantity 0.5 cm, 15 pages
Inventory Identifier 148300001 Box Number 1 Series 1483
1933-34 Students Photograph

The students are indentified in the caption. A copy of this photograph is also contained in Series 986.

Date Range 1933    Quantity 0.1 cm, 1 mounted print
Inventory Identifier 148300002 Box Number 1 Series 1483
Photographs of 1967 Third Year Dinner

Included in the photographs are R S Norton, M H Babidge, G L Schrapel, Principal Herriot, M Cochrane, P L Jones, K Sluiter, Graham Quick, G J Hollamby, J Nickolls, J S Dawkins, R Hutchinson, B Baker, J Garzansky, R Krause.

Date Range 1967    Quantity 0.1 cm, 12 black and white prints
Inventory Identifier 148300003 Box Number 1 Series 1483
1965 Longerenong Intercollegiate Memorabilia

Includes a contests program, dinner menu, map and several visit reports.

Date Range 1965    Quantity 0.5 cm, 6 items
Inventory Identifier 148300004 Box Number 1 Series 1483
Historical Development of the Land Report by Denis Harrison
Date Range 1988    Quantity 0.5 cm, 1 report
Inventory Identifier 148300005 Box Number 1 Series 1483
A Practical Handbook on Sheep and Wool for the Farmer
by Geo. Jeffrey

Annotated to A M Dawkins, a present from the author

Date Range 1907    Quantity 1 cm, 1 volume
Inventory Identifier 148300006 Box Number 1 Series 1483
Australian Agricultural Colleges Sports Association Dinner Menu
Date Range 1966    Quantity 1 cm, 1 autographed menu
Inventory Identifier 148300007 Box Number 1 Series 1483
Roseworthy Agricultural College Rifle Club - Guide to Shooting for Members New and Old
Date Range 1968    Quantity 0.1 cm, 1 booklet
Inventory Identifier 148300008 Box Number 1 Series 1483
Rachis Vol 1

First edition of the newpaper published by the newly formed National Association of Agricultural College Students.

Date Range 1967    Quantity 0.2 cm, 1 edition
Inventory Identifier 148300009 Box Number 1 Series 1483
End of an Era Dinner Memorabilia

Placemat, coaster, menu and ticket to the dinner held on 1 December 1990.

Date Range 1990    Quantity 0.1 cm, 4 items
Inventory Identifier 148300010 Box Number 1 Series 1483
ROCA Menu and Order of Service

Menu from AGM dinner held on February 26 1977 at the Pier Hotel, Pt Lincoln.
Order of Service from 100 Year Thanksgiving Celebration Service held on 4 October 1998 in the College Chapel.

Date Range 1977 - 1998    Quantity 0.2 cm, 2 items
Inventory Identifier 148300011 Box Number 1 Series 1483
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