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Series 1489 - Department of Physics Video Recordings
Several Formats: VHS, Beta & U-matic

Date Rangec. 1980 - c. 2000
Quantity60 cm, 33 video cassettes
ProvenanceDepartment of Physics

Recordings of lectures, demonstrations and events produced internally by the Department of Physics, or by the University\x92s Educational Technology Unit.

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482  Bragg Centenary Papers and Recordings 1985 - 1986

Inventory Listing

Physics Video Recordings

U-matic format tapes (Box 1) titled:

- "An Introduction to the BAG Model" (Professor Tony Thomas, 1984)
- "The MIT BAG Model" (Professor Tony Thomas, 1984)
- "The Cosmic Microwave Background" (Professor R.D. Davies, 1988)
- "As the CRO Flies" (Peter Berry-Smith)
- "The Arrow of Time Demonstration" (Dr. Gregory, Dr. Szekeres, 1983)
- "The Spectrometer" (Paul Berry-Smith)
- "Opening of the New Middle Atmosphere Radar Facility of the Department of Physics" (News story, 9th August 1984)

Beta format tapes (Box 2) titled: Introductory Quantum Mechanics - Lectures 10 to 26 (6 tapes).

VHS format (Boxes 2 & 3) tapes titled:

- "Accretion Onto Compact Objects" (Honours Physics, Astro-Physics) - Lectures 1 to 4 (2 tapes).
- "Should Physics Research be Controlled for the Common Good?" ("Battle of the Professors")
- "The Buckland Park Cosmic Ray Air Shower Array and The Spectrometer" (P. Berry-Smith)
- "Three Year Chaos Pendulum"
- "Second Year Project Rocket Launch" (October 2000)
- "Dr. Thomas Classes" (Three Classes, Two Tapes)
- "Dr. Weise & Cenes (sic) from School - lunch, coffee break, night party etc"
- "Race for the Top"
- "Entropy Demonstrations, Physics I"
- "Opening of the Middle Atmosphere Radar Facility of Dept. Of Physics" & "Quantum Space Junk"
- "Science and the Sounds of Music"
- "Ozone Hole"
- "Physics"

Date Range c. 1980 - c. 2000    Quantity 60 cm, 28 video cassettes
Inventory Identifier 148900001 Box Number 1 Series 1489
Bragg Centenary Event Video Recordings

VHS format tapes titled:

- "The Bragg Centenary Celebrations, September 1986"
- Professor Paul Davies "God & the New Physics" (Bragg Centenary Lecture Series)
- Professor Freeman Dyson "Disturbing the Universe" (Bragg Centenary Lecture Series)
- Professor Frank Close "The Cosmic Onion" (Bragg Centenary Lecture Series)

U-matic format tape titled:

- Dr. Peter Colman "From Crystals to Viruses" Lecture (21st Physics Summer School - Bragg Centenary)

Date Range 1986    Quantity 20 cm, 5 video cassettes
Inventory Identifier 148900002 Box Number 3 Series 1489
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