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Series 1492 - "The Faces of Learning" Exhibition Photographs

Date Range1988
Quantity8 cm, 2 albums
ProvenanceUniversity of Adelaide Foundation

Photographs taken by freelance photographer Peter Thurmer for an exhibition titled "The Faces of Learning". The 1988 project, funded by The University of Adelaide Foundation, included several hundred images of staff and students of the University "in their normal workplace rather than in an artificial location."

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Inventory Listing

"The Faces of Learning" Photographs

Photographs include:

- Language Laboratory: Colette Mrowa
- Fred McDougall, Graduate School of Management
- Chris Wurm, Family Practice Unit
- Gough Whitlam, Bonyton Hall
- Waite Glasshouse
- Chemistry practical
- Bruce Ide, Chemical Engineering
- Angas Hurst, Pro Vice Chancellor
- Physics practical
- Barr Smith entrance
- Jill Lambert, 5UV
- Kevin Marjoribanks
- John Smith, Physics
- Kenneth Brown, ...Phrabhakaran, Forensic Odontology
- Geology core sampler
- Barry Salter, AUU
- Student election posters
- Kevin Cunningham and Jason Hogan, AUU Catering
- Standish Roberts, Conservatorium
- Biochemistry research laboratory
- Security staff
- Barry Worrall, Economics
- Civil Engineering students
- Waite grain research project
- University Council in session
- Department of Biochemistry
- University Footbridge
- "Badgers Leap"
- Pat Salter, Child Care
- Botany practical
- Steve Loo, Architecture & Planning
- Barr Smith lawns
- Frank Sear, Classics
- Deborah White, Architecture & Planning;
- M.B. Kimber and J. Tancibudek, Elder Master Class
- Rob Morris, Chemistry
- David Williams, Chemical Engineering
- J.P. Quirk, Waite Director
- Ivan Stockton and Gavin Duthie, glass blowers
- First year Architecture students
- A.W. Thomas, Physics
- Harry Medlin, Senior Deputy Chancellor
- Marten Stewart, Delphine Geia, Lyn Pascoe, Neil Turner of CASM band Maladarri
- A.J. Rathjen, Jim Chigwidden, Jim Lewis, Wheat Strain Development Group
- Prosh
- Roma Mitchell, Chancellor
- Electrical and Electronic Engineering Dept
- Tracey Young, Computer Science
- University telephonists Beverly Obst, Isabelle Beck, Loretta Hartley and Judy Meridew
- Paul Findlay, David Tullock, Greg Masss, ACUE
- Waite Insect Collection, Paul Dangerfield
- University 1906: Edgeloe Room; Mitchell Building; History Class
- Peter Hawryzkieycz , Computer Science

(See folder for full details and image ordering).

Date Range 1988    Quantity 4 cm, 1 album, b & w photographs
Inventory Identifier 149200001 Box Number 1 Series 1492
"The Faces of Learning", Enlarged Photographs
Date Range 1988    Quantity 4 cm, 1 album
Inventory Identifier 149200002 Box Number 2 Series 1492
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