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  • Buske, Peter

    Research Topic/Description: (1) South Australian Railways (SAR) migrant recruitment schemes 1948-1954. Covers Displaced Persons as well as British and Maltese Commonwealth assisted migrants from 1948. Focuses on the 1951-52 recruitment of Germans from West Berlin, Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein. (2) American William Alfred Webb (Chief Commissioner of the South Australian Railways 1922-1930).

    Related or Future Publication/s: (1) Book manuscript completed. (2) Research/writing phase.

    Contact: research.pb[at]

  • Buterss, Phil

    Research Topic/Description: Australian literary studies in the 1940s. 

    Related or Future Publication/s: The research will be published as an article in Australian Literary Studies. It will also form a small part of a book on the history of Literary Adelaide.


  • Cronin, Monica

    Research Topic/Description: Medical history, anaesthesia history and women in medicine, especially anaesthesia. 

    Related or Future Publication/s: Article - "Where are all the women? Exploring the seemingly invisible history of women in anaesthesia", proceedings of the 9th International Sympoisum on the History of Anaesthesia. Latest exhibition - The Rare Privilege of Medicine: Women anaesthetists in Australia and New Zealand.


  • Ellssel, Christoph (National Archives of Australia / AHA Postgraduate Scholar 2014)

    Research Topic/Description: The US, Australia and the Colombo Plan 1949-1960.


  • Fagg, Murray

    Research Topic/Description: Biographic histories of Australian plant collectors and illustrators.

    Related or Future Publication/s: Web database:

    Contact:, 02 6250 9561.

  • Fleig, Peter

    Research Topic/Description: Title of intended paper: Medals of the University of Adelaide.

    Related or Future Publication/s: 

    Abstract: Medals of the University of Adelaide.

    The University of Adelaide was established in 1874, but it was only after the passing of several decades that medals were recorded as having been presented as awards for academic excellence.The first award medal presented was for achievement in 1892, and subsequent medals presented were for 1904 and later. In all, there have been over twenty different medals awarded by various faculties since the end of the nineteenth century. This paper focuses on some of the early medals awarded by the University, supported by photographic images of both sides of each medal discussed. A biographical summary of the person depicted on the medal is given, details about any bequests or gifts and the purpose and stipulations of the award are explained, information on the designer and manufacturer is discussed as well as related costs to the particular faculty, and a numismatic description and technical information including metal, size and weight are given. The two main sources of information on the University’s medals are also identified and explained.

    Contact:, 0420 859 438.

  • Flora, Steve

    Research Topic/Description: The Adelaide family of George Eric McConnell Jauncey and Leslie Cyril Jauncey.

    Related or Future Publication/s: Still to be determined at this time -  a considerable amount regarding Jauncey research is to be found on the Honest History Org website at

    Contact:, 02 6286 4391.

  • Garnaut, Mick

    Research Topic/Description: Researching the Garnaut Family.

    Contact: If you wish to contact Mick Garnaut, direct your enquiry to and your details will be forwarded.

  • Hodgkinson, Stephen

    Research Topic/Description: History of the Hodgkinson family in South Australia. It is intended that the publication will have particular emphasis on Edward James Hodgkinson and Maria Chapman, their children, life events, residences and occupations.

    Contact:, 0457 227 227.

  • Launder, Brian (Professor)

    Research Topic/Description: Exploring the details of how and why Professor Horace Lamb, FRS exchanged the inaugural chair of Pure and Applied Mathematics at the University of Adelaide for a professorship at Owens College Manchester (the forerunner of Manchester University).

    The principal elements of this work were published in: BE Launder, 'Horace Lamb and the circumstances of his appointment at Owens College', Notes & Records of the Royal Society, 67, 139-58, 2012. 

    Related or Future Publication/s: My last visit to the University of Adelaide in 2014 led to further fascinating details of Horace Lamb that will be written up when time permits.


  • Madsen, Roger

    Research Topic/Description:

    Collaboration of WH Bragg & JPV Madsen at Adelaide University 1901-1908.

    Rutherfords Model of the atom 1911.

    CSIRO Radio Research Board 1972-1958 & ATERB to present.

    National Standards Lab 1927-1945 & NML, etc to present.

    Australian Radar 1939-1945.

    Related or Future Publication/s:

    Online resources at Sydney University website Beyond 2014 including Bragg & Rutherford letters.

    Digital online resource at CSIROPedia suggested to make available histories of Radio Research Board 1927-1945 & Radiophysics Advisory Board 1939-1945 (Radar).

    Online links and library material at Basser Library of Australian Academy of Science.

    Contact:, 02 9939 6564.

  • Munro, Doug

    Research Topic/Description: Telling Academic Lives, with particular reference to historians and anthropologists. This includes biographical essays on individual academics and journal articles on the politics of senior academic appointments.

    Related or Future Publication/s:

    The Ivory Tower and Beyond: participant historians of the Pacific (Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Press, 2009); essays on JC Beaglehole, JW Davidson, Richard Gilson, HE Maude and Brij V Lal.
    J.C. Beaglehole: public intellectual, critical conscience (Wellington: Steele Roberts, 2011).

    The Strange Career of George Rudé - Marxist historian, Journal of Historical Biography, 14 (2014), 118-69.

    Michael Turnbull, G.R. Elton and the making of The Practice of History, Historical Journal, 58:3 (2015), 805-25.


  • Painter, Alison

    Research Topic/Description: Adelaide University Hockey Club.

    Contact:, 08 8276 8986.

  • Pike, Andrew

    Research Topic/Description: Research for a documentary film about my father, Professor Douglas Pike, and his missionary parents. My grandparents spent most of their adults lives in China separated from their children. 

    Related or Future Publication/s: The film will be approx 75 minutes. After the development phase (which is supported by a grant from Screen ACT), progress depends on funding.

    Contact:, 02 6248 0851.

  • Roll, Steve

    Research Topic/Description: Adelaide University Rowing - in particular Australian Inter-Varsity Championships.

    Related or Future Publication/s: All the available rowing information is located on Andrew Guerin's History of Australian Rowing website at

    Contact:, 0427 401 666.

  • Slavotinek, Tony

    Research Topic/Description: Medical and surgical themes in the past in SA, see website:

    Related or Future Publication/s: 
    Laparoscopic surgery in SA, John Maddern, urology surgeon.

    Contact:, 08 8271 7057.

  • Varney, Denise (Professor)

    Research Topic/Description: The Theatre of Patrick White. 

    Related or Future Publication/s:

    Patrick White and Aesthetic Modernism in mid-century Australia by DJ Varney & Sandra D'urso in Australasian Drama Studies, Vol 66, April 2015.

    Australian Theatrical Modernity and Modernism: Patrick White's Season at Sarsaparilla by DJ Varney, Vol 62, April 2013.

    Mixmasters and Lino: Iconomic Australian Modernity in Patrick White's Season at Sarsaparilla by DJ Varney, Vol 31, 2012.

    Contact:, 03 8344 8579.

  • Verco, Christopher J.

    Research Topic/Description: Medical practitioners and medical students of South Australia who served in the armed forces in World War I. 

    Related or Future Publication/s: 
    Blood, Sweat and Fears; medical practitioners and medical students of South Australia who served in World War I by Christopher Verco, Annette Summers, Tony Swain and Michael Jelly (Published 2014).

    Contact:, 0428 831 895.

  • Waugh, Dr John

    Research Topic/Description: History of the Adelaide Law School. 

    Related or Future Publication/s: A new scholarly history of the Adelaide Law School, to be published to mark its 140th anniversary in 2023.


  • Winefield, Tony

    Research Topic/Description: Psychological effects of unemployment in school leavers; Occupational stress in university staff.

    Related or Future Publication/s:

    Growing up With Unemployment: A longitudinal study of its psychological impact, AH Winefield, M Tiggemann, HR Winefield & RD Goldney (1993).

    Job stress in university staff: An Australian research study, AH Winefield, C Boyd, J Saebel & S Pignata (2008).

    Contact: or, 08 8344 5566.

  • Wohltmann, Michael

    Research Topic/Description: Doing a book on the story of German Internment/marginalisation of the German community 1914-1918.
    History of Internment of German Enemy Alients on Torrens Island the marginalization of Germans in South Australia, case study, 1914-1924

    Related or Future Publication/s: Book to be published mid 2016.

    Contact:, 0432 267 616.

  • Wollacott, Angela (Professor)

    Research Topic/Description: A biography of Don Dunstan.

    Related or Future Publication/s: A scholarly biography of Don Dunstan, and several journal articles and book chapters.

    Contact:, 02 6125 2715.

  • Yuzefovich, Victor

    Research Topic/Description: Album Tzar David (on David Oistrakh).
    Serge Koussevitzky - the Third volume (1 & 2 already published in Moscow)


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