Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA)

Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) is a research quality and evaluation assessment developed by the Australian Research Council (ARC) in conjunction with the Department of Education.

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  • Future ERA directions

    The ARC has advised that an ERA evaluation round will no longer be conducted in 2023.

    A modern data-driven approach to ERA informed by expert review is currently in development, for implementation from 2024-25. Outcomes of this review should be announced mid to late 2023. Please visit the ARC ERA website for further information.

  • Field of Research (FoR) coding

    FoR classification allows R&D activity (in particular, research methodology) to be categorised according to the field of research. FoR categories include major fields of research investigated by national research institutions and organisations, and emerging areas of study. 

    In ERA the FoR codes are applied at the 4-digit level to people, research outputs, and income. Visit our FoR Coding webpage for further information.


    The Operational Research Business Information Tool (ORBIT) is an intuitive, web based system giving detailed views of research activities at the University of Adelaide. The ORBIT ERA module is used to report on research activities for ERA.