GMO Training

All personnel (staff, students, visitors) working in an OGTR certified facility must be trained in the OGTR requirements of the Physical Containment Facility Guidelines, irrespective of whether they are working with GMOs.

Personnel must indicate to the certification holder that they fully understand their training in the OGTR requirements by signing a record of their training. The organisation must keep a record of those trained, which will be made available to the OGTR if requested.

Facility Managers should ensure that all personnel are adequately trained before commencing work in a certified facility and that records of training are maintained. The IBC maintains a register of all training for which a form is completed and sent to the IBC. The following 'Record of Training' forms should be routinely completed and forwarded as indicated.

Training forms


Use this form to confirm that you have completed your required training with regard to the OGTR Guidelines for working with GMOs or in certified physical containment facilities. This form has a link to the current version of each of the relevant OGTR guidelines. Original form is to be kept in the area and a scanned copy is to be emailed to the Research Compliance Officer (Gene Technology).


Use this form for group attendances at a training session that is of relevance to GMO/IBC activities. Attendance of each individual at the session will be recorded on the IBC register upon receipt of the form by the IBC Secretary.