National Intelligence and Security Discovery Research Grants (NISDRG) - Security Challenges

The NISDRG program supports excellent research that deepens understanding of emerging science and technology and addresses intelligence and national security interests. The grant program will facilitate innovation and develop national security and intelligence capacity. It will also enable Australia’s National Intelligence and Security Communities to systematically engage with Australia’s research and technology community.  The NISDRG program provides support to research that aligns with the priority research areas identified by the Australian Government, as set out below:

  • Influence in the Pacific  
  • Resilient Supply Chains 
  • Disinformation Detection and Counter Narratives 
  • Detection for 2040  
  • Human Identification and Vulnerability Assessments  
  • Analysis and decision support for 2040  
  • AI/ML for Investigative Support and Forensics Science  
  • Robust Consequence management improving Australia’s responses to, and recovery from, disasters and emergencies 

Key dates

Activity Research Services ARC
Funding rules released   13 October 2020
Proposals  open   27 October 2020
Request not to assess 11 November 2020 2 December 2020
Proposal review 25 November 2020  
Proposals close   16 December 2020