Sustainability FAME Strategy Grants Scheme

The University of Adelaide Sustainability FAME Grants Scheme will support the development of new multi-disciplinary research projects related to the Research Missions for Sustainable Transformation.

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) is providing strategic investment to stimulate the development of new multi-disciplinary research projects related to the Research Missions for Sustainable Transformation.

There are currently two strands to this scheme:

  • Initiate projects will be seed grants of up to $20k; and
  • Accelerate projects will receive up to $100k.  

It is expected that 4-8 Initiate projects will be funded along with 4-6 Accelerate projects, across the five research missions within the FAME (Foci And Magnets for Excellence) strategy.


Applicants must hold a salaried University of Adelaide academic appointment for the expected duration of the grant (minimum 0.2 FTE). 

A proposal must be led by two University of Adelaide staff members from different Faculties, and must be supported by their Heads of School. Where applicants nominate an affiliation with one of the six University Research Institutes, support from the relevant Institute Director will be seen as favourable.

Selection Criteria

To be considered, proposals must address all the following criteria:

  1. How the project supports the principles and aims of the Sustainability FAME Strategy;
  2. Alignment to the Strategy’s Research Missions;  
  3. Research excellence;
  4. Likely impact of the research;
  5. Likely outcomes of the project including opportunities to attract external follow-on funding and anticipated benefits to the University; and
  6. The capacity and ability of the researchers to deliver against the proposal.

Project Funding

Maximum funding is $20,000 (Initiate) or $100,000 (Accelerate) per project. Co-investment is permitted, but not required.

Project funding may be used by the successful researchers to:

  • bring transdisciplinary teams together to respond to competitive calls from granting bodies for applications in specific Research Mission areas;
  • test a concept or generate preliminary data in preparation for a research and innovation grant application or to conduct research with industry partners;
  • undertake novel or ‘disruptive’ projects;
  • build new capability areas to enable FAME implementation; and/or
  • bolster existing work in an area with high potential to attract external funding. 

Requests for equipment purchase will not receive priority unless applications are able to convincingly address the above criteria.


Read the Submission Guidelines for further details regarding eligibility and the selection process.

Applications (maximum of 3 pages) are to be made using the Internal Grant Application Form 2023.  The page limits will be strictly enforced and diagrams are encouraged, where possible.

If you have any questions regarding the scheme, please contact Dr Steph De La Rue at

Closing Date

Applications must be submitted to by 5pm on 16 June 2023.