Cooperative Research Centres-Projects (CRC-Ps)

CRC-P grants support short term industry-led collaborations to develop important new technologies, products, and services, that deliver tangible outcomes.

Applications to the new CRC projects funding stream must be submitted directly to the Department by the industry partner rather than the research provider.

  • Funding & duration

    • The minimum grant amount is $100,000.
    • The maximum grant amount is $3 million.
    • The grant amount will be up to 50% of eligible grant project value.
    • The maximum grant period is 3 years.
  • CRC project round deadlines

    CRC projects round Status Applications due Announcements
    Round 1 closed 17 Mar 2016 Jul 2016
    Round 2 closed 26 Oct 2016 Feb 2017
    Round 3 closed 22 Mar 2017 May 2017
    Round 4 closed 29 Aug 2017 Nov 2017
    Round 5 closed 27 Mar 2018 Jun 2018
    Round 6 closed 13 Sep 2018 Dec 2018
    Round 7 closed 28 Mar 2019 Jun 2019
    Round 8 closed 24 Sep 2019 Feb 2020
    Round 9 closed 12 Mar 2020 Oct 2020
    Round 10 closed 1 Oct 2020 Jan 2021
    Round 11 closed 25 Mar 2021 Mid 2021
    Round 12 closed 16 Nov 2021 March 2022
    Round 13 closed 05 May 2022 January 2023
    Round 14 open 02 March 2023 5 pm AEDT June 2023

    Research funding request (RFR) deadline

    Round 14: 20 February 2023

    If you have been approached to participate in a CRC-P, please inform your Head of School and Research Services to assist you with your application. Researchers proposing to participate in a CRC-P should complete a research funding request (RFR) accessed via ResearchMaster using fund scheme code "FND000014" and the name of the industry partner in the admin by section (Q5.1).

    When you are completing the RFR, please upload the draft application for the CRC-P and a completed “Internal certification: University co-contributions to a research grant application” (Appendix 2, CRC projects information sheet) as attachments. The RFR deadline is set two weeks prior to the external deadline. The Research Grants unit will review your application, provide feedback and facilitate signoff of the participant declaration.

    Please provide Research Services with a copy of the final CRC-P application.

  • Further information

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