Funding Application Process

Follow the steps below for assistance writing and managing grant and agreement applications, and managing your post-award responsibilities.

Grants application process

  • Step 1 - Select a grant

  • Step 2 - Write & cost your application

    Writing grant applications

    The writing grant applications page provides links to a number of resources to assist you to write a compelling competitive research grant application.

    Always read and adhere to the specific sponsor's application and submission guidelines for the research grant scheme that you are applying for.

    Costing projects

    At the institutional level, the University will consider making cash contributions to a fellowship or funding application where it is a mandated requirement within the sponsor's funding rules or forms part of the assessment criteria. Please review the guidelines for University cash contributions to external research funding proposals.

    For funding schemes requiring a contribution of cash from the University, please complete and submit the following form (available in Word or PDF):

    Contact if you have any questions about University cash contributions to grants.

    pricing and income distribution framework has been developed to assist researchers in costing and in pricing research projects, as well as outlining the income distribution process associated with those projects.

    It should be noted that the University incurs substantial costs in hosting research and that costing and pricing of those activities needs to reflect this wherever possible.

    The University's policy on external Research Grants, Contracts and Consultancies also contains useful information on costing projects.

    Competitive Research Grant Application budgets must comply with the sponsor's application and submission guidelines for the research grant scheme that you are applying for.

  • Step 3 - Ensure your ethics & compliance obligations

    If it is a condition of the granting scheme that you obtain relevant ethical and/or safety clearances, it is your responsibility to arrange them.

    Please note that sponsors will not release funds to successful applicants until all relevant clearances have been confirmed. It is also necessary for you to provide evidence of such clearances to Research Services for this purpose.

    Applicants are strongly advised to read the information on the University's requirements, available on the Office of Research Ethics, Compliance and Integrity (ORECI) website. Contact an ORECI staff member for any enquiries. 

    Foreign compliance

    All University personnel engaged in the development and maintenance of any international collaboration are required to comply with obligations as set by the Australian Federal Government.  This includes all researchers, educators, supervisors, managers, delegated authorities, and administrative staff. If you are entering into arrangements with international organisations or partners for a competitive research grant you need to comply with the Foreign Arrangement Scheme legislation, including undertaking a Foreign Arrangement Assessment. To underscore the potential risks to Australia, the Government has strengthened laws protecting the national interest through implementation of the Foreign Influence Transparency Scheme. In response, the University is requiring all personnel:

    1. Declare all foreign engagement activities so that there is institutional knowledge of all such activity.
    2. Undergo the foreign engagement compliance review process which will allow them to identify the compliance risks and legal obligations that apply and what further approvals are needed by the Government and the University for that activity to proceed. University staff members engaging in activities with a foreign principal must complete the online Foreign Engagement Registration & Compliance Review form to receive advice on any further steps that may be required in the process. More information about the Foreign Arrangements Scheme (FAS), the Foreign Interference Transparency Scheme (FITS), and other foreign compliance requirements can be found on the Foreign Compliance website.
  • Step 4 - Submit your application to the Research Grants Unit

    Submitting applications to the Research Grants Unit for review and/or submission

    All applications for external competitive funding must be submitted via Research Services (Research Grants Unit), with the approval of your Head of School. It is essential that your Head of School approves your Research Funding Request (RFR) online via RME as this indicates that your research can be accommodated within your Faculty.

    Research funding request (RFR) process

    The submission of a RFR to the Research Grants Unit is completed online via RME.

    The University's RFR must accompany all funding applications submitted to the Research Grants Unit by the internal closing date (refer Research Bulletin for internal closing dates). RFR’s can only be signed off and submitted by the nominated Primary Investigator from the University of Adelaide for the project. The RFR is then approved by the Head of School prior to submission to the Research Grants Unit.

    Please Note:

    The RFR process is an internal approval process only.

    You are still required to email your application separately to the relevant Research Grants Officer (RGO) for review and liaise with them with regards to submission of your application.

    In addition the University's submission requirements listed above, submission processes (i.e. hardcopy or online submission) will vary according to the sponsor and the specific scheme. It is important that you read the sponsor's application and submission guidelines carefully prior to lodging your application. A Research Grants Officer (RGO) can assist you with the sponsor requirements in order to submit your application.

    Application closing dates & review process

    All grant applications are reviewed by Research Grants Officer (RGO) in the Research Grants Unit and feedback is given directly to the researcher to ensure that they comply with the sponsor's guidelines. Research Grants Unit will also provide the necessary institutional certification (if required) before an application is submitted to the sponsor.

    Please ensure that you submit your grant application by no later than the stipulated internal deadline, to ensure that there is adequate time for your application to be reviewed and processed for submission.

    If you know that you will be unable to meet the internal deadline please contact the relevant Research Grants Officer (RGO) in the Research Grants Unit to make other arrangements. In most cases it will NOT be possible to submit an application after the sponsor's nominated deadline.

  • Step 5 - Accept & manage your grant

    Research funding acceptance process

    When the sponsor confirms that your application has been successful you will receive a funding offer. When offered a grant, you will be required to confirm your acceptance of it, and the conditions under which it is awarded, by completing a Research Funding Acceptance (RFA) online via RME.

    The RFA is an eForm that is created by the Research Grants Officer (RGO) in the Research Grants Unit and will be sent to you with confirmation of your successful application. If you happen to be notified directly of a successful application then it is your responsibility to notify your relevant Research Grant Officer (RGO) so a RFA can be created. You should ensure that the Research Grants Unit receives a copy of the application, if they do not already have it, as well as any award documentation such as a letter/email of award and any agreements or contracts you may have received directly.

    After you have completed your RFA, its is sent to your Head of School to approve the acceptance of the grant by the School, and when this approval is completed it is automatically returned to the Research Grants Unit for finalising.

    When the RFA is complete and all other establishment and compliance requirements have been met (including the execution of all relevant agreements with sponsors, collaborators and partners), a General Ledger (PeopleSoft) project code will be issued for your grant by a member of the Research Finance team for your Faculty, listed below:

    For more information on accepting your grant, please contact the relevant Research Grants Officer (RGO).

    Login and complete RFA

    Managing a grant

    Under the entry for each major sponsor on the Research Services website you will find the relevant information and documentation needed to comply with the conditions of your grant or fellowship, (including Progress and Final Report forms, model agreements, and copies of current funding contracts) depending on the requirements of the individual sponsor.

    For more information, please contact the Research Grants Unit to discuss with the relevant Research Grants Officer (RGO).

    ORBIT (Operational Research Business Information Tool)

    ORBIT Project Reporting and Researcher Profiles can assist with the financial management of research projects, and provide reports detailing your research grants and fellowships activities.

  • Step 6 - Variations

    If you wish to make one of the following Variations to your funded project:

    • Transfer out to another institution
    • Change to personnel, project, funding, partner organisation and milestone details and key dates

    Login to RME to submit a Variation notification form, or contact the relevant Research Grants Officer (RGO) in the Research Grants Unit to facilitate your change request.

  • Administrative contacts & taxation details

    If a research grant application requires the listing of an administrative contact, please enter the following details:

    Dr Michael Millan
    Research Services
    The University of Adelaide, Adelaide 5000 
    Ph: (08) 8313 5551

    Email: The contact email address you provide to the sponsor will depend upon which Research Services Grants Team will be assisting with your application. Please discuss with a Research Grants Officer if you are unsure which email address to provide.

    Australian Business Number (ABN)
    University ABN: 61 249 878 937

    Deductible Gift Recipient / Income Tax Exempt Charitable Entity
    Some funding bodies require proof that the University is endorsed as a deductible gift recipient or as an income tax exempt charitable entity. If your application requires proof of either, a Research Grants Officer (RGO) can provide you with a copy of the required letter.

  • Documents & useful information

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