MRFF Application Process

MRFF funding rounds are administered by a variety of organisations and agencies depending on the scheme, e.g. NHMRC, MTP Connect, Department of Industry, Innovation & Science. Application processes will vary accordingly.

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Notification of intent (NOI)

Applicants intending to apply for ARC schemes are required to submit a notification of intent (NOI) through ResearchMaster 6 (RME6).

Submitting a notification of intent (NOI) informs Research Services and your Head of School of your intent to apply for schemes and any subsequent resources that may be requested as part of your application.

Completing the NOI may allow you access to Central Support initiatives for grant improvement (e.g. grant writers, externally funded grant strategists, & other specialist advice), OR special Faculty grant support initiatives (as advised by your Faculty).

Research funding request (RFR)

Between the Research Services internal NOI deadline and the external scheme application open date, an NOI is no longer required and a research funding request (RFR) e-form must be submitted instead. This allows your Head of School to sign off on your submission and, if successful, approve the establishment of the project in the School.

If based on an earlier NOI for the same application, all previous information entered will flow through to the subsequent RFR.

A completed RFR also ensures that an application appears on the investigator's Individual Academic Profile (IAP).

Application instructions

Need help?

For further information please contact our MRFF grant manager.