Strategic Research Team

The Strategic Research Team provides support to the University’s research community for larger-scale research funding to enable high-impact research aligned with the Future Making Strategic Plan.

The Strategic Research Team provides support for prioritised major funding initiatives in order to deliver an increase in the scale and diversity of external research funding and awards for the University. The team is responsive to opportunities as they arise, in addition to supporting the development of a continuous pipeline of funding opportunities that aligns to University priorities and plans. 

Core functions of the team include:

  • Horizon scanning, communication of funding opportunities and targeting of opportunities;
  • Forward planning and the development of a rolling pipeline of funding opportunities;
  • Coordinating selected, large-scale, collaborative, multi-disciplinary and multi-partner funding proposals;
  • Liaising with external funding agencies and partner organisations;
  • Providing high-quality proposal development, writing, synthesis and editing;
  • Supporting complex international funding applications; and
  • Hosting workshops for new schemes and the generation of new ideas.

Our people