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Research Project Management

A new web-based system, process re-design and workflow for all pre and post-award grants practices at the University. As a result, providing an improved end-to-end picture of research project management activities.

Research Project Management (Grants Project) includes:

  • An upgrade of the current Research Administration System ResearchMaster 5 (RME5) to ResearchMaster 6 (RME6)
  • Changes to current processes and workflow in relation to pre and post award grant practices


  • PurposeWhy are we doing this?

    The purpose of the project is to upgrade the University’s Research Management system and re-engineer pre and post-award grants processes, with the objective of moving to an end-to-end online solution that will improve tracking and reporting capability and better support our academics.

    Benefits include:

    • Reduction in time spent completing, submitting, processing and distributing grant application
    • Increased access to grant/project data for the purposes of effectively monitoring grant/project progress
    • Efficiencies in workflow and approval process
    • Improved grant/project data integrity, and increased data visibility, for internal management reporting requirements
    • Reduced risk of returning funds to sponsor through increased efficiencies in monitoring project milestones.
    • Auto-population of data and validation on entry will reduce the risk of poor data quality and the risk of rework being required.
    • Increased data capture will allow improved analysis - efforts can be directed where they deliver the most value. All feedback and outcomes about an application are recorded in the one place.
    • Capturing all data for the entire pre and post-award life-cycle will provide a visibility of the pipeline and allow enhanced resource allocation and decision-making.
    • Researchers can easily find the right form; can't use old version.
    • Administration tasks reduced (e.g. dealing with paper forms, scanning, filing, copying etc.) allowing staff to work on more value-add activities.
  • ParticularsWhat is changing?

    Research Project Management involves moving towards a more online process for all pre and post-award grant processes including:

    • Applications (including updates to the current online form and processes)
    • Upgrade of the current ResearchMaster system including migration of all current grant data (10,000 records) - Complete
    • Online forms and workflow for:
    • Annual Reporting - In Progress
    • Streamline and re-engineering of pre and post-award grant processes
    • Integration with other institutional systems (i.e. ORBIT, DataConnect, Aurora, PeopleSoft Finance)
  • PeopleWho is impacted?
    • Investigators (Researchers)
    • Executive Deans
    • Head of School (HoS)
    • School Managers
    • Associate Deans Research (ADR)
    • Higher Degree by Research Students
    • Research Services
    • Research Accounting
    • Faculty / School Research Development and Grants Staff
    • University Institutes and Centres
    • Adelaide Graduate Centre
    • Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Research)
    • Internal interested parties
    • External interested parties

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the these changes please direct them to a member of the Project Team via Contact Us.

Further Information


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Telephone: +61 8 8313 5137
Facsimile: +61 8 8313 3700