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Cooperative Research Centres (CRCs)

For all up to date, and supporting information about CRCs please visit the Australian Government Department of Industry, Innovation and Science's CRC website Link to external website.

  • Participating in a CRC

    A CRC is a structure established under the Commonwealth Government CRC Program. It provides funding to build critical mass in research ventures between end-users and researchers, and tackles clearly-articulated, major challenges for the end-users. All applicants and participants involved in a CRC must follow the Cooperative Research Centres Program Guidelines Link to external website, which cover all aspects of the Program, including selection round requirements.

    It is important to note that involvement of the University of Adelaide in any CRC bid must be endorsed by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Research), as our authorised representative for these matters.

    Involvement is also governed by the University’s Contracts and Agreements Policy.

  • Definitions

    Key Researcher: is the University’s academic staff member who, on behalf of other University researchers involved, takes responsibility for initial discussions and negotiations with the coordinating team (“Bid Leader/s”) for the CRC bid, potentially leading to a formal bid submission.

  • CRC Bid Process Timetable (Applications to Round 19)
    Timetable for the CRC Bid Process within the University of Adelaide
    Step Item Date Responsibility
    1 UA Expression of Interest word document due at Research Services


    31 May 2017

    Key Researcher: UA Expression of Interest for the participation of the University in a CRC, must be compiled in consultation with the relevant Head(s) of School and Executive Deans.

    Executive Deans: Consider UA Expression of Interest and, in consultation with the relevant Head(s) of School, make a recommendation to the DVC&VP(R) on whether to proceed with support for participation in a CRC bid.

    2 UA DVC&VP(R), Executive Deans/Heads of School and key proponents of the bid meet to confirm bid details* June 2017 DVC&VP(R): Consider UA Expression of Interest recommended by an Executive Dean. Where appropriate, provide approval for the University’s participation in a CRC bid. Advise the University Finance Committee of all CRC bid submissions.
    3 Advice from UA to bid leader outlining the basis on which the University is prepared to participate June 2017 Coordinated by Research Services, in conjunction with Key Researcher
    4 Bid documents and, UA Internal Certification due in Research Services, to arrange for DVC&VP(R) to sign Bid Declaration. July 2017 Key Researcher: If the UA Expression of Interest is approved, work with the bid leader (if a different person) to prepare a full bid submission.
    5 Bids close in Canberra 12 July 2017 Research Services:
    1. For UA-led bids: Coordinate final certification and submission of the bid documents to the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science.
    2. For bids by other organisations: coordinate certification by UA
    6 Stage 2 Bids Nov 2017
    (by invitation only)
    Prepared by Bid Team.
    7 Interviews in Canberra TBA If shortlisted by the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science

    Successful applicants notified

    Mar 2018

    CRC Applicants

  • SA State Government Support - Applications Open

    The Premier’s Research and Industry Fund’s Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) Assistance Program aims to optimise the strategic benefits of the Commonwealth CRC Programme within South Australia by providing South Australian State Government agencies an opportunity to be involved in a national CRC.

    The Department of State Development will provide up to three years of funding at the following rates:

    • $100,000 for a CRC node located in South Australia
    • $200,000 for a CRC headquarter located in South Australia.

    Proposals are encouraged that have outputs that relate directly to South Australia’s priority areas:

    Funding is only available to applications being made for a CRC not a CRC Project (CRC-P).

    Two part application process:

  • Authorities in the Process

    The following authorities have been approved by the University of Adelaide Council.

    Key Authority Category Authority Delegation Holder


    Research CRC's Approval of all CRC applications. DVC&VP(R) Advise Finance Committee
    Research CRC's Approval of an unincorporated CRC agreement, if the University of Adelaide commitment is under $2M for the life of an unincorporated CRC. VC&P  
    Research CRC's Approval of a CRC agreement involving an incorporated entity, or if the University of Adelaide commitment is over $2M for the life of an unincorporated CRC. VC&P On the recommendation of Finance Committee and approval of Council.

    Note: Research Services will administer and coordinate the operations associated with CRC bids, and any subsequent finalisation of the establishing agreements for a CRC.

  • Intellectual Property Considerations

    Adelaide Research Business & Partnerships can provide guidance and advice on dealing with Intellectual Property in relation to CRCs. The University’s Intellectual Property Policy details the relevant principles and procedures. As students are not employees of the University, it is essential that their supervisors ensure that student deeds of Intellectual Property assignment (SPPAs) are executed prior to the commencement of student participation in CRC projects.

  • Research Project Applications to a CRC

    Individual research project applications to a CRC for funding will be managed in accordance with the University’s Research Grants, Contracts and Consultancies Policy.

  • Reporting Requirements for a CRC

    Reporting requirements for a CRC will be determined by the over-arching CRC establishing agreements, as well as any applicable individual research project agreements.

    In line with standard University practice, individual project leaders will normally be responsible for providing regular project progress reports to the CRC. Schools will have oversight for ensuring proper financial expenditure and records. Financial reporting obligations will be carried out by relevant Finance Managers, in consultation with the project leader/s, and in conjunction with Financial Services (Research Accounting) and Research Services.

  • Important Links & Documents
  • Contacts

    Lynette Kelly
    Senior Research Grants Officer

    Dale Godfrey
    Senior Research Grants Officer

    Karen Burke
    Manager, Research Grants & Major Programs



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