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The University of Adelaide Research Infrastructure Scheme

The University of Adelaide Research Infrastructure Scheme has been established to improve support for researchers by providing them with top quality research infrastructure and related services. The Scheme supports the University’s research strategy, Adelaide Research for Impact, by enhancing research infrastructure to contribute to high-performance in research.

Please note: this scheme is currently under review.


The Scheme provides grants for research equipment and infrastructure, and core research facilities, including internal and external collaboration and sharing, and access to other national and international facilities. Grants will be targeted at existing and/or emerging areas of research strength, and demonstrable demand as reflected by external competitive funding, research training needs and strategic opportunities.

  • Strategic Intent

    Our mission is to conduct world-class research and innovation, engage globally, and partner with industry, government and the community to create high-value economic and social dividends. To succeed in delivering our mission, we will strive to ensure a pervasive high-performance research culture, with enabling initiatives focussed on people, purpose and place through the key Research Strategic Theme, Adelaide Enabled.

    Access to world-class research infrastructure is essential if researchers are to operate at the leading edge. Through this Scheme, we aim to improve the range and quality of our research infrastructure, keep pace with technology, maintain affordable research services, and provide access to training in the use of core infrastructure for our staff and students. These facilities are also increasingly accessed by our external stakeholders, including other research institutions, industry, business and government.

    To provide our researchers with access to cutting-edge, high-quality research equipment and infrastructure, we will:

    • support the replacement and expansion of equipment and infrastructure; and
    • coalesce fragmented infrastructure into new core facilities, with improved management and promotion, using Adelaide Microscopy as a model.

    The University’s research infrastructure database will be used to inform on-going investment, including an infrastructure gaps analysis to identify additional options for new University core facilities and services.

    The Scheme consists of two streams of investment:

    • Stream 1: Replacement or New Equipment ($50k-$300k per application); and
    • Strategic Investment.

    Consolidation and sharing of equipment and infrastructure is a priority, with future rounds to increasingly focus on the establishment of shared and core facilities, and on those with potential for business development.

    This initiative will further build on our strong track record in research excellence and innovation, support the University’s mission, and deliver major strategic objectives in the Themes of:

    • Adelaide Excellence – delivering world-class research in our selected endeavours; and
    • Adelaide Innovation – translating our research for economic and social benefit.
  • Scope & Support

    Applications must not include equipment that currently exists within the University (that is at an acceptable standard and accessible), or be readily accessible externally at reasonable cost. Applicants are expected to seek external competitive funding where appropriate schemes exist.

    Applications must address the potential for consolidation of existing or new equipment and infrastructure into shared and core facilities, or for the sharing of dispersed equipment and infrastructure. All equipment must be made available to other users on an appropriate basis where feasible, and must be added to the research infrastructure database. The latter provides information about existing equipment and management and will be made available to researchers.

    To be eligible for a grant, the relevant School must have completed the University Survey of Research Infrastructure.

    Stream 1: Replacement or New Equipment

    Substantial need for replacement of aging and/or out-of-date equipment exists across the University as does addressing gaps in our technology and infrastructure. Financial support between $50k and $300k will be given for the purchase of, or contribution towards, the equipment. Priority will be given to items required for externally-funded research and innovation programs, research training, strategic opportunities including interdisciplinary research, industry engagement, new external competitive funding and global partnerships, and multiple users with proposed shared facility arrangements.

    Proposals should address shared facility arrangements, potential business models for sustainability and seek external competitive funding to offset costs, where feasible.

    Stream 2: Strategic Investment

    The Division of the DVC(R) provides support for equipment and services in several University core research facilities; prioritised and subsidised access for our researchers; selected strategic priorities arising from various University and Faculty initiatives; and participation in external schemes such as LIEF.

    Where major opportunities exist to improve or add to these facilities or priorities, beyond current available funding provisions, additional investment may be considered, against similar criteria to Stream 1

  • Current Call for Applications

    Stream 1: Replacement or New Equipment

    Calls for applications will be made on an annual basis, although consideration will be given to exceptional circumstances at any time. All applications must be developed with and lodged via your Faculty.

    Research Infrastructure Scheme Application Form pdf

    Once the form is completed, it should be forwarded to the relevant faculty contacts, as provided below:

    Faculty Contacts
    Faculty Primary Contact Secondary Contact
    Faculty of Arts Mark Pickford Rachel Ankeny
    Faculty of ECMS Lisa Mensforth Frank Neumann
    Faculty of Health Sciences Tony Cambareri Andrew Zannettino
    Faculty of the Professions Vanessa Tamms Paul Babie
    Faculty of Sciences Jim Deed Christopher Sumby

    If you have any general questions about the guidelines or the application form, please contact Kerry Jaeger in the Office of the DVC (Research).

  • Eligibility & Selection Criteria


    Applicants must be employees of the University of Adelaide, although co-applicants may be external to the University. Applications must be approved by the hosting Head of School and relevant Faculty.

    To be eligible for a grant, the relevant School must have completed the University Survey of Research Infrastructure.

    Selection Criteria

    Boosting Excellence in Research and Innovation:

    1. Describe what capability the equipment currently supports and/or will support in future, e.g.:

    • External competitive-funded research projects and/or contracts;
    • External post-doctoral fellowship holders, HDR and Honours students;
    • Existing or emerging areas of research strength and excellence;
    • Interdisciplinary research (current or potential);
    • Global collaboration (current or potential); and
    • Expected outcomes, including increased research and innovation outputs, competitive research funding, numbers of ECRs supported and trained and other relevant measures.

    2. Describe current or planned arrangements that will ensure that the capability will support and grow partnerships, utilisation and synergies, e.g.:

    • Current/future users (type: researchers and groups, including externally-funded centres, industry, business, global partners, other);
    • Sharing of equipment, with or without co-location, including any arrangements for multi-user access, charges to contribute to service contracts, shared technical support and/or other operational costs; and
    • Access by external users (researchers, industry, other), including charges to contribute to service contracts, shared technical support and/or other operational costs.
  • Application Instructions

    Applicants must provide the following information and address the selection criteria.

    1. Category of equipment to be supported and the expected outcomes:

    • Ageing equipment needing replacement (as documented in the University’s research infrastructure database); or
    • New technology; or
    • Access to external research facility; and
    • Nature of the essential capacity to be maintained, or the increased and/or new capability that will result.

    2. Equipment details:

    • Estimated cost (have formal quotes been obtained verifying the anticipated cost?);
    • Estimated time from order to delivery of the equipment;
    • Confirmation that technical staff with appropriate expertise are available to maintain the equipment;
    • Any potential refurbishment impacts or other implications (air quality, biosecurity, licenses, training, new staff, etc.) to be specified where these additional costs fall outside this application;
    • Confirmation that no suitable equipment is available or accessible elsewhere within the University, or accessible locally within Adelaide or elsewhere under reasonable conditions;
    • Any planned applications for external support, including LIEF;
    • Any proposed co-investment by applicants, Schools or Faculties; and
    • Confirmation that the School(s) has/have completed the University Research Infrastructure Survey.

Download a Printable Version of the Guidelines pdf


Applications due dates TBC

  • Research Infrastructure Scheme Application Form [TBC] pdf


If you have any general questions about the guidelines or the application form, please contact:

Kerry Jaeger
Director, Office of the DVC (Research)
T (+618) 8313 7568



Level 4, Rundle Mall Plaza, 50 Rundle Mall


Telephone: +61 8 8313 5137
Facsimile: +61 8 8313 3700