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NHMRC Application Instructions

NHMRC applications must be checked by Research Services well in advance of the NHMRC external deadline to receive endorsement from the University to submit.

Note: Clinical & Affiliate Title Holders - full applications should be submitted through your Institution's Research Office.

  • Step 1

    Review Funding Rules, Advice & Instructions and Peer Review Guidelines available for the scheme, all hosted on GrantConnect.

  • Step 2

    Create the RGMS application when the round opens, prepare other required documents to upload to RGMS, and ensure your RGMS Profile and CV are up to date.

    Request snapshots in RGMS.

    General RGMS instructions are provided by the NHMRC.

  • Step 3

    Complete a University Research Funding Request form in RME6. This will be processed and approved by your Head of School. This gives the University authority to endorse and submit the application to NHMRC when finalised.

  • Step 4

    By the Internal Deadline (1-3 weeks prior to the External Deadline, depending on scheme), certify your application in RGMS so the status reads "Submitted to RAO". This locks the application from further editing, and notifies our office to initiate the compliance and eligibility review.

    Applications provided to our office after the Internal Deadline will be checked as time permits.

Research Grants Management System (RGMS)

Applicants must prepare their applications via RGMSLink to external website.



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