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Industry Engagement

Research Contracts & Consulting

Research & Business Partnerships (RBP) facilitates engagement between the University's research community, and industry or government, to pursue contract research, consulting, and tender opportunities.

Research & Business Partnerships can assist you with:

  • commercial and business advice
  • business plans and/or proposals
  • contract negotiation
  • quotes and budgets
  • risk & value assessments
  • access to an extensive network of potential commercial partners

Working with Us

The Research & Business Partnership team is dedicated to understanding your needs, and to ensuring your research is protected and valued appropriately to deliver maximum return. We endeavour to maximise the economic, social, cultural, and environmental benefits of your valuable research through the co-creation of innovation, and the transfer of knowledge.

  • Step 1Opportunity

    The first step to creating a new contract with government or industry is to contact the Research & Business Partnerships (RBP) team.

    Our services are provided to researchers to support you through the whole process.

    The Research Grants, Contracts and Consultancies Policy is an important document that sets out the structures within the University that support and govern that activity, as well as the principles that apply to the process of seeking and expending external research funding.

  • Step 2Scope

    RBP will help you draft both an Initial and Final Project Proposal including an outline of the scope of the project, deliverables and timeframes. We will also identify dependencies on third party inputs and external factors that could influence the project’s outcome.

    A dedicated Business & Partnership Specialist (BPS) will help identify and manage potential risks and ascertain whether there are any conflicts of interest or IP issues that might need to be dealt with.

  • Step 3Cost and Price

    Pricing in particular must be discussed with RBP prior to any negotiations taking place with the client to ensure alignment with the Pricing and Income Distribution Framework [Staff Only].

    RBP can provide guidance on applicable market rates and assistance in cost and price calculations, as well as advice on the staging of project payments. This is particularly important where sub-contractors are involved in order to ensure adequate funds are available.

    Pricing must take into account the value of the work to the client; generate an appropriate return for the University to cover direct and indirect costs and allow for the distribution of a portion of that income to the University to contribute to related infrastructure, services and support costs.

  • Step 4Contract Negotiation and Approval

    RBP will negotiate the Agreement (Strategic Partnership Agreement, Collaborative Research Agreement, Project Research Agreement, MTA, Tender etc.) on your behalf and assist in gaining the approval of all parties including your Head of School, Research Legal Services, the Client or other external parties, Ethics and as required the Executive Dean.

    This process is well defined and rapid, particularly if UoA standard templates are used. Where it is necessary to use non-standard or third-party agreements, several revisions and iterations are usually required until a final agreement is reached between all parties. The BPS will keep you updated on progress in these instances.

  • Step 5Contract Management (Milestones and Invoicing)

    Once the project has commenced it is critical that Milestones are delivered on time and to the quality expected by the Client. Following Milestone Delivery, Revenue Accounting will be responsible for raising invoices and processing payments as agreed in the Contract Schedule.

    It is the Chief Investigators responsibility to notify RBP as soon as a Milestone Deliverable has been met to initiate that process. Any potential delay in Milestone Delivery needs to be communicated to RBP at least one month in advance of the Milestone Due Date. This may require a variation to the Contract and should be avoided

Intellectual Property & Commercialisation

Adelaide Enterprise was established in 2016 as an initiative of the University's Research Strategy to drive entrepreneurship efforts, licensing deal flow and generate increased spinouts. Income generated through commercial activities is fed back to the University, helping to sustain research and other activities.


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