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New Animal Ethics Processes & System

The University of Adelaide Research Services in partnership with Technology Services is replacing the current animal ethics online application form with a new web-based solution that will streamline and integrate the animal ethics application, approval, amendment and reporting processes.

The project will:

  • Replace the University’s current research administration and management systems with a state-of-art solution (ResearchMaster Version 6) that will support end to end research processes and administration into the future.
  • Develop a fully web based animal ethics application process, with a system driven workflow removing use of paper – for Committee review, approval, amendments, annual reporting, single ethical review and adverse event reporting.
  • Deliver flexibility to amend online eForms and associated workflow to respond quickly to changing business, compliance or statutory needs.
  • PurposeWhy are we doing this?
    • Reduce the overall time spent by investigators in completing new applications and amendments to obtain Animal Ethics approval
    • Improve the level of information provided by investigators to the Animal Ethics Committee
    • Improve the University's ability to comply with internal and statutory reporting requirements
    • Upgrade the current Research Administration System
    • Improve the management of increasing work-volume associated with animal ethics compliance requirements
    • Provide a comprehensive and complete account of activities for the life-cycle of each project involving animals
    • Reduce the volume of paper associated with the application and review process by allowing online submission of applications, amendments and annual reporting as well as online review by the committee members
  • ParticularsWhat is changing?


    • Applications (including updates to the current online form and processes)
    • Committee review and approval processes
    • Amendment application processes


    • Annual reporting
    • Single ethical review
    • Adverse event reporting
  • PeopleWho is impacted?
    • Investigators (Researchers)
    • Animal Ethics Committee Members
    • Office of Research Ethics, Compliance and Integrity
    • Animal Welfare Officer
    • Heads of School
    • Facility Managers
    • Internal interested parties
    • External interested parties

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the changes, please direct them to the Project Team via Contact Us.

Further Information

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