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Reporting & Monitoring

Routine record-keeping requirements and procedures for adverse-events for all projects approved by the University's Animal Ethics Committee.

  • Adverse Events

    All unexpected animal deaths or any adverse or unforeseen circumstances that may impact on animal wellbeing must be reported promptly to the Animal Ethics Committee for necessary action and to assist in development of institutional prevention strategies.

    Please contact the Animal Welfare Officer and provide a written report using the Adverse Incident Report form to the Animal Ethics Committee Secretary.

  • Annual Reporting

    The continuation of approval for ongoing projects is subject to receipt and review of annual reporting.

    Reporting on project activity provides additional details to assist the AEC, and provides evidence of compliance with the Australian Code for the care and use of animals for scientific purposes.

  • Monitoring

    The Animal Ethics Committee may make random inspections of animal holding facilities, laboratories and experiments in order to determine compliance with the approval conditions.

    The Animal Welfare Officer may inspect animal holding areas and laboratories and generally monitor the transportation, condition and treatment of animals to ensure compliance with prescribed codes of practice and with the requirements of the Committee, as well as respond to emergencies with respect to the conditions of animal use.

  • Breeding Colonies - Additional Monitoring & Record-Keeping

    Investigators maintaining breeding colonies of animals are required to maintain animal production records and provide the Animal Ethics Committee with annual Animal Statistics Reports.

    For example animal breeding record spreadsheets excel spreadsheet may be of assistance.

  • Genetically Modified Animals - Additional Monitoring & Record-Keeping

    The Investigator will report in a timely manner to the AEC on the phenotype* of any genetically modified animal strain that is used as part of a scientific project via the (1) Phenotype Report word document.

    *phenotype: the sum of the physical, behavioural and physiological characteristics of an animal

    This will require timely submission of records of clinical observations made on a representative sample of the animals, using the following sheets, as appropriate:

    Following consideration of the information, the AEC may approve further use of the strain or may request a revision of the proposal.

    In addition to the Phenotype Report, the requirement to promptly report unexpected occurrences of animal morbidity or mortality to the Committee applies to these projects.

    Investigators maintaining breeding colonies of genetically modified animals are required to maintain animal productions records and provide the Committee with annual Animal Statistics Reports.

    For example, the animal breeding record spreadsheets excel spreadsheet may be of assistance.

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