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Human Research Ethics Approval Notifications: Notice of Changes

Effective Tuesday 3 October 2017, the new Notification Form and workflow was made available for use by all researchers across the University.

The previous Notification of Human Research Ethics Approval form was updated for release in ResearchMaster 6 (RME6). In one new streamlined form, the process and information required for notifying the University of human research ethics approvals received from other institutional Human Research Ethics Committees (HRECs) has been be coupled with the process for obtaining indemnity insurance certificates from Legal and Risk.

What are the benefits for researchers?

  • Combination of two currently separate processes: 1) notification of human research ethics approvals received from other institutional HRECs and 2) applications to the Insurance Office for indemnity insurance certificates.
  • Workflow solutions to expedite administration of insurance certificates.
  • Improved compliance with conditions of the University's insurance cover, mitigating risk.
  • Migration of relevant human research ethics data into RME6, allowing for greater integration with other relevant University systems, including Research Project Applications.

What happened to the current notification form?

  • The current Notification of Ethics Approval Form was  decommissioned on Friday 22 September 2017.
  • Draft notifications were not be migrated into the new system.
  • Notifications submitted prior to October 2017, are not visible in the Research Master system. To view notifications submitted in the previous system:

What has not changed?

Human Research Ethics Applications to the University of Adelaide’s Human Research Ethics Committee or Human Research Ethics Low Risk Review Groups are still made using the Word template.

Where can I find further information?

Information and a link to the new notification form is on the Human Research Ethics website.

Researcher support materials (videos and quick reference guides) are on the Research Services website.

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