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The University of Adelaide is the site of the southern hemisphere’s largest concentration of expertise in sustainable agriculture, cereal breeding, plant and animal biology and dryland farming.

It is committed to the challenge of growing food for 9 billion people by 2050, and ensuring profitable and productive agriculture can face the threats of climate change, increased costs of energy, limited natural resources, urbanisation and environmental degradation.

Research theme

Food innovation

Through research and education, we’re leading thought for food to drive the next wave of innovation for the food sector.

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Faculties, institutes and research units


Waite research precinct

The Waite is a co-located partnership of 15 complementary organisations and centres engaged in world-class Research and Development in plant, agricultural, food, wine and natural resources science.

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Agriculture impact stories

Tequila plant offers fuel for the future

Agave, the plant best known for producing tequila, shows promise as a source of biofuel and other biochemical products.

Superbugs, is the risk real?

The University of Adelaide has joined the fight against ‘superbugs’ in Australian pets and livestock as well as humans.


Food and wine impact stories

Thought for food

Food production and processing is going through its biggest transformation since the industrial revolution.

New image-analysis tech to help feed the world

Remarkable Adelaide research is developing innovative image-analysis technology to dramatically accelerate identification of robust crop ...



Andrew Lowe

Primary contact: Andrew Lowe

Director, Food Innovation

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Val Morris

Primary contact: Val Morris

Business Partnerships Manager

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Stephen Hardy

Secondary contact: Stephen Hardy

Business Partnership Specialist

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