Environment & Sustainability

As the world faces changing climatic and economic conditions, there is a key role for researchers to support policy and decision makers by delivering the knowledge and understanding required for the sustainable management of our natural resources.

The University of Adelaide offers world-recognised expertise in environmental research, and a history of successful projects with local partners including the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources, PIRSA and SARDI.

Faculties, institutes and research units

Impact stories

Producing market-ready low-emissions fuel from food waste

Four major global and national challenges - clean energy, food wastage, competition for arable land, and energy security - are being addr...

Peace, serenity and microbial transfer

This much we know: biodiverse urban green spaces are good for us.

Social smarts guiding international tech take-up

On paper, smart technology would appear capable of supporting and enhancing virtually every aspect of urban life. But in real world appli...

Tequila plant offers fuel for the future

Agave, the plant best known for producing tequila, shows promise as a source of biofuel and other biochemical products.



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