Medtech & Health

The University’s research expertise in health and medicine encompasses a broad spectrum of research interests, from laboratory-based biochemical research to clinical research and the study of broader populations.

The Faculty of Health & Medical Sciences has a prestigious reputation for outstanding theoretical and applied research with formal ties to the South Australian teaching hospitals, research institutes and a broad range of clinical practices.

These ties open opportunities for research collaborations across laboratory, clinical and community health settings, and allow the University to support important research needs across academia, industry and government.

  • Clinical trial capabilities

    Research sponsors can develop and support the highest quality clinical trials and benefit from the advantages of the University of Adelaide clinical trials environment, including top-rated facilities and researchers combined with efficient review and regulatory frameworks.

    We can rapidly recruit suitable samples of subjects from a large accessible population of volunteers. Our clinical facilities in association with teaching hospitals offer high standards of subject care, testing and diagnosis.

    The University of Adelaide's areas of expertise include Pain and Anaesthesia, Cardiology, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Paediatrics, Oncology, Surgery, Psychiatry.

    Key benefits

    • Principal Investigators
      • Researchers and clinicians who are leaders in their field, and usually world renowned.
    • Rapid subject recruitment
      • We have a database of healthy volunteers and access to a range of symptomatic subjects that can quickly fulfil study sample requirements.
    • Regulatory and Ethics assistance
      • Australia has a favourable regulatory environment for clinical research and our associated hospital ethics committees are very familiar with clinical research and process submissions diligently and efficiently. We can provide advice to assist you in achieving approvals with minimum hassle.
    • Pharmacy support
      • Comprehensive research pharmacy capabilities including compounding and manufacture
    • Special techniques and diagnostics
      • We have specialist techniques and models to enable a comprehensive understanding of drug action. Our partner organisations efficiently conduct routine analysis for pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics.
    • Subject monitoring and safety
      • For studies that require intensive subject monitoring full support and equipment is available. In addition these studies have access to 24 hour hospital emergency response.
    • Your support benefits research and education
      • Clinical trials at the university support student projects in pharmacology and investigator initiated research - all of which benefits the industry.

    Partnership opportunities

    As well as conducting your trial, if you are looking for advice on your study design, help with regulatory approvals or a quote to conduct the study, Research & Business Partnerships can assist you, so please contact us.

Faculties, institutes and research units

New infrastructure

Adelaide Health & Medical Sciences building

Designed to transform the way our students learn, enhance the student experience and prepare future health care leaders for professional practice.

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