Mining & Energy

The University of Adelaide possesses a specialist cluster of expertise across geosciences, petroleum and mining engineering.

When combined with broader strengths in science, economics and social planning, we are well placed to support any current and future research needs of the energy and mining sector.

Our specialist research centres can offer integrated research, education, professional development and consulting services across all aspects of the mineral and energy resources industries; from exploration, planning and impact assessment through to processing and trade.

Faculties, institutes and research units

Impact stories

Producing market-ready low-emissions fuel from food waste

Four major global and national challenges - clean energy, food wastage, competition for arable land, and energy security - are being addr...

A deeper shade of green

It’s no secret: in humanity’s give-and-take planetary contract, we’re not keeping our end of the bargain. With big changes required throu...

Tequila plant offers fuel for the future

Agave, the plant best known for producing tequila, shows promise as a source of biofuel and other biochemical products.

Alexander Robson

Alexander's research in Structural Geology involves analysis of the subsurface geology in the Ceduna Sub-Basin.



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