Society & Economy

University of Adelaide researchers have a proven ability to work across faculty boundaries to address multi-disciplinary problems in areas critical to advancing communities, including water, health and security as well as social innovation and economic development.

Led by the faculties of the Professions and Arts, the University offers significant experience and expertise in documenting, clarifying, shaping and enriching thought and behaviour. Our research outcomes influence policy and planning, and explore the ways in which those outcomes affect people locally, nationally and globally.

We also have significant research expertise in evolutionary biology, population genetic studies of animals, plants, pathogens, as well as human evolution and migration.

Faculties, institutes and research units

Impact stories

Parting the clouds

Through new-species discovery, expansive organism-abundance studies and advanced modelling, University of Adelaide researchers are expand...

Roads better travelled

Thanks to a new wave of technological innovation, Smart Cities are set to achieve higher levels of transport safety and efficiency than p...

Augmenting community harmony and understanding

The concept of Smart Cities is often linked with the use of advanced “big data” technology to inform safer, more efficient services and l...

Nurturing the innovation generation

A new generation of University of Adelaide students are preparing to take our urban lives to entirely new levels of sophistication, satis...



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