Water Research Centre

Liquid poured into chemistry beaker

Water Research Centre: An investigation to detect COVID19 in wastewater with qPCR.

School of Biological Sciences, Centre for Nanoscale BioPhotonics, School of Civil, Environmental & Mining Engineering, and School of Mathematical Sciences, The University of Adelaide / South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute / University of New South Wales / KWR Water, Netherlands / University of London

This multidisciplinary team, coordinated through the Water Research Centre, are investigating how to monitor the COVID 19 outbreak within the wastewater distribution systems. By correlating it with population data, they can assist with monitoring the spread. 

Previous studies have observed that similar viruses (Norovirus) can be traced within wastewater systems. If successful the group believe that not only can wastewater be an effective tool for monitoring drugs but also for monitoring the public health status of the community especially within the current COVID 19 pandemic

Supported by the Victoria Water and Central Coast Council (NSW), and further contributions from private water service businesses. We are actively seeking more funding.